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Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast 2023 for Pig/Boar

Lunar Year born 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 and 2019. Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign. Refer to our Horoscope Calendar.
Ruling Direction/Degrees NW3 (322.5 to 337.5)
Ruling Element Water
Personality People under the zodiac sign of the Pig are down-to-Earth, kind and peaceful. They can keep their cool regardless of the situation. They have a talent for listening and handling whatever situation arises in the best way possible. Their loyalty and consideration for the feelings and situations of others make them a good friend, and people get along with them easily. And if the Pig gets into a problem, their friends return their help and loyalty. There is a heightened sense of responsibility about the Pig and they have a need to be personally involved in maintaining what’s right.
Career catering, social work, lawyer, entertainer, finance manager
Romance affectionate, sincere
Examples of famous/infamous people Steven Spielberg, Billy Crystal, Emma Thompson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Woody Allen, Farrah Fawcett, Luciano Pavarotti, Elton John, Ernest Hemingway, Carl G. Jung, Henry Ford, Presidents Thomas Jefferson, The 14th Dalai Lama
Compatibility Sheep, Rabbit
Secret Friend Tiger
Conflict Animal Snake

Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2023 for BoarCHINESE HOROSCOPE & FORTUNE FOR BOAR 2023 - OVERVIEW

While the Five Yellow misfortune star has a negative impact on the Boar's fortune this year, the 24 Mountains bring good news. You can expect amazing success this year thanks to the Big Auspicious star's presence from the Rat's direction. Focus your efforts on gaining success during the months that bring you good fortune, and take notice of your unique connection with others born under the Rat sign.

Your elemental luck is only average, which is neither great nor bad. Life force and inner essence at neutral levels just signify you need to make an effort to remain motivated and not give in to lethargy. The solution is to discover an interest you can devote yourself to fully. Make the most of your networking and friendship opportunities; they come your way thanks to your zodiacal compatibility with the year's ruling sign, the Rabbit.



Your Life Force and Spirit Essence is what gives you the energy and staying power to see your endeavors through to their finish lines. For the Boar in 2023, these categories of your luck are only average, so it is important to enhance them. To do so, you should be carrying the Life Force Amulet or Spirit Essence Amulet. The other thing to stay mindful of this year is your attitude. Work hard to maintain an upbeat outlook. Don't let negative thoughts or apathy cause you to lose your way or throw in the towel!

Your success luck is poor. This means that your personal success energies are low. This however does not mean you cannot achieve success; it means you need to take deliberate measures to raise your ‘windhorse luck’. The best way to do this in 2023 is with the Joyous Windhorse or Bejewelled Flying Windhorse. The Windhorse will help you to effectively achieve your goal, ensuring you can overcome all hurdles in your path.

 Carry also the Windhorse Success Amulet or Victorious Windhorse Carrying A Jewel Keychain.



You should be extra careful in 2023 due to your not-so-good element luck and the Five Yellow (wu wang) misfortune star flying into your Feng Shui chart. This star usually brings enormous difficulties wherever it goes. Misfortune may take many forms, from accidents and diseases to shattered expectations and crushing losses.

The Five Yellow is one of the most dreaded feng shui afflictions. Because this star is so dangerous, you must remedy it immediately. In order to counteract the effects of the wu wang this year, you should place the Emerald Pagoda, the Heart Sutra Pagoda (8-Inch), the 6 Inch Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda or the 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in the Northwest sector of the home. You should also carry the Carry the Emerald Pagoda With Om Ah Hum Amulet, or the Heart Sutra Pagoda Keychain. Wear the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold).

Keep a Five Element Pagoda Amulet Card in your wallet. Hang the 5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging in your car.



The Boar enjoys a Big Auspicious Star arriving from the direction of the Rat from the 24 Mountains. This kind of star offers really monumental good fortune, the "great break" that completely changes one's life for the better. It serves as a catalyst for pushing through whatever barrier has arisen in your path so that you may keep reaching ever upwards. Because this sign is provided to you by the Rat, it signifies that those born in Rat years will benefit you. Whether as colleagues, siblings, friends or partners, people of the Rat sign bring you good fortune this year. There is great potential in getting to know them or working with them, and they will positively impact you.

The Three Lions On Drums is the most effective Feng Shui activator for Big Auspicious luck. You can also use the Big Auspicious Mirror. These call up expansive success energies and materialize reasons to celebrate. Put it in your Northwest quadrant, on your office table, or in a prominent area of your home. Carry also the Trio Of Lions Keychain or Trio Of Lions Charms.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckBoars aged 28, 40, and 88 are all in good health, while the 16 and 76-year-old have average health ratings.

For Boars aged 52 and 64, your health luck isn't the best. Don't stress yourself out, and cut down on the booze and the fat. If you feel sick, see a doctor immediately, so the problem doesn't worsen.

A Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou, Medicine Buddha Plaque or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) should be placed in the East (where the annual illness star #2 has settled) to enhance your health luck for those with average or bad health rating.

You should also be carrying or wearing a health amulet: Wu Lou With Joyous Crane Keychain, Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet. Hang the Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging or Yellow Liuli Feng Shui Wulou Tassel in your car to make sure you are always protected from contagious illness qi wherever you travel.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckIt is a good year to save money and make good investments for Boars, who are 2828, 40, 64, and 88 years old.

52-year-old boars have neutral financial luck. This suggests that you are now protected from financial hardship and have the potential to accumulate more riches.

Boars aged 76 s should refrain from gambling and spending money on questionable enterprises because of your bad wealth luck rating. It is advisable to avoid having unrealistic expectations during this tough period in terms of riches. You must exercise caution while taking financial risks since taking a chance might have unfavorable outcomes.

For those with neutral and poor wealth ratings, display Feng Shui enhancers like the Treasure Chest Dharani , the Liu Li Wealth God with Wealth Bag, the Choy San, God Of Wealth, or the Rising Phoenix in your home to attract wealth luck.

It's highly recommended that you carry the Pak Choy Amulet Keychain, Sacred Resource Cow Keychain, Big Money Bull Amulet or Wealth Lock Amulet with you. Also, wear a Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Yellow Jasper Bracelet and hang the Jade Feng Shui Mystic Knot Tassel in your car. Even those with good wealth luck can use these enhancers to maximize their potential.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Career Luck16 years old - 2023 won't be as easy-going as last year. Therefore you need to change your outlook. This year, unlike the previous year, you will need to operate on your own. If you want to be successful, you have to actively seek it out. The greatest advice for you would be to continue focusing on your goals. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card.

28 years old - This year, surround yourself with individuals who will offer you lots of support. Avoid so-called pals who are always negative about you since you don't want them to destroy your good luck this year.

40 years old - Be ready to go off course if necessary. This is the year to focus on achieving concrete objectives that you may have overlooked or forgotten about. Carefully consider what is important to you.

52 years old - This is a year of major life decisions for you. You can feel like you are at a crossroads, with several options and ideas in front of you. You feel like you're in your prime at this age, but you can become tired of what you've been doing after a very long period. Some of you will know exactly what new hobbies you want to pursue while others won't, other than the fact that you need a change.

64 years old - In 2023, try new things and get beyond your comfort zone. Although you tend not to require much, particularly in terms of material luxuries, this is the year you may raise your standards of living. Be careful, however, as it will be hard to turn around once you do!

76 year old - This year will be difficult for this Boar. You have a reputation for being stubborn, but this year you may need to make some concessions to put your health first.

To enhance career luck and help you climb the corporate ladder using Feng Shui enhancers, display a Chi Lin/Dragon Horse or Dragon Tortoise near where you work, and carry a Jade Emperor Keychain or Sacred Resource Cow Keychain. We recommend the Wisdom Kwan Kung Mini Plaque, 24k Gold Plated Hand-crafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 32gp or Magnificent Kwan Kung With 5 Flags Plaque, and Dragon Carp Amulet for those running a business.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Love LuckIn 2023, the Boar has a hard time finding romantic success due to the bad effect the Five Yellow has on all aspects of your life. The Boar's love and family life may suffer this year despite the dominance of the #4 Peach Blossom Star.

Singles and those in fresh relationships are particularly vulnerable. You have a hard time maintaining your normal upbeat demeanor and tend to take things personally more often than usual. Even those in committed relationships may find themselves dealing with additional stress and misunderstandings if the Five Yellow isn't remedied efficiently.

Remember that any concerns you have about the person you're in a relationship with are likely the result of the detrimental wu wang playing with your mind at these trying times. Stay calm and collected; there's no need for interpersonal turbulence this year. It's best to maintain as many friendships as possible.

Enhance your love and marriage luck by placing a Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love, Romance Lock Coin with Nine-Tailed Fox or Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) in your bedroom.

If you are single and looking, or in a relationship, place the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) or Peach Blossom Rat on Treasure Box in the North and carry the Rat Peach Blossom Amulet, Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit or Romance Comb Keychain to boost your love and romance luck.

Married couple should place the Happy Marriage Comb or Marriage Lock with Double Happiness in your bedroom and carry the Happy Marriage Comb Keychain to protect your marriage.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Rabbit, Sheep & Boar, Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms, Three Sheep On A Mountain Amulet and 2023 Annual Amulet With 5 Starsare the MUST-HAVE lucky charms and protective amulets for Boar people in the year of the RABBIT 2023.

Fortune and Feng Shui Forecast 2023 for Boar
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