Feng Shui for Fertility Luck

Top 10 Feng Shui tips and enhancers to improve fertility luck:

1. The sector to activate is West as it governs descendant luck, according to bagua 8 aspirations theory.

2. Place a small figurine or image of a dragon next to your bed to simulate precious yang energy. You can also place a dragon tortoise with babies on its back to symbolize good descendant luck.

3. If you have recently gotten married, allow a boy of the Dragon zodiac, who is still a virgin, to roll around on your bed. It is believed by Feng Shui followers that doing so will provide you with beneficial chi and create many healthy children.

4. For centuries, the pomegranate has been given to new brides as gifts in Chinese tradition, as it is believed that the seeds of this fruit are equal to the quantity of male offspring that the wife will give birth to. If you are having fertility problems, display a pomegranate in the West sector of the bedroom.

5. Crystal ornaments in the West sector will create valuable descendant’s luck and secure a stable environment into which healthy, loving children can be born and raised. Display a beautiful Crystal Lotus Flower Tea Candle Holder in this area.

6. For couples who are having problems conceiving a child, display a statuette of a pair of Elephants with Trunk Down in the bedroom or in the West sector. For effective measures, simply stroke the trunk of the animal right before bedtime.

7. To enhance descendant’s luck, place a Golden Laughing Buddha with Five Children in the West sector of your main family room.

8. To create better luck for the children in your home, as well as boosted Yang chi, display an image of either a laughing baby or 100 happy children in the West sector of your family room.

9. For couples who are attempting to have a baby, arranging the bed towards the male’s Nien Yen (Feng Shui Kua) corner will greatly help.

10. To enhance fertility luck in your home, display a figurine of Bejeweled Fertility White Tara or White Tara Gau Amulet in the West sector of your family room.

11. Wear a Moonstone crystal - which is said to be a very feminine stone that helps to align hormone production, metabolism and reproduction.

Pair of Brass Feng Shui Elephants
Pair of Elephants with Trunks Down
Red Prosperity Elephant
Feng Shui Elephant with Trunk Down

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