Feng Shui for Kids

Feng shui can be used to enhance the luck of the family as a unit. Particularly to the children of the household, it can be used to activate education luck, bring defiant kids under control and prevent sibling rivalries.

According to Feng Shui bagua formula, the East is the best sector for your eldest son. Placing images of the dragon in the East sector will benefit him and also brings much luck to him. The best sector for your middle son is North, and youngest son is Northeast. As for your daughters, Southeast is best for the eldest daughter, South for middle daughter and West for youngest daughter. Daughters placed in these sectors will have their happiness and well-being luck greatly enhanced.

Ensure that the beds of your children do not point to his or her inauspicious direction based on their Kua number as this will cause them to do badly in school, exams and socially with siblings or friends. Fu Wei direction is the best if you want to energize their education luck and enable them to grow old and wise. If you have a kid who often gets sick, tap into his or her Tien Yi direction instead.

Also make sure that your kid is not sleeping with a beam directly above his or her head. Beds should preferably have solid headboards and should be placed against a solid wall. This is to symbolize good support during sleep for the kid and hence bringing good feng shui to him or her. Avoid resting it against of a window.

Ensure that children are not sleeping on the floor, or even on mattresses which are set up on the floor; the child will get sick and unhealthy.

Make sure the size the bed is not shorter than the height of your kid. This will cause them to fall ill frequently.

Try to ensure that they have the same size bed. If the size of bed or mattress for each of your children is different, this will create jealousy and petty resentments among them.

Bunk beds are a common item of furniture because they are both fun and save space. However, in Feng Shui, allowing your children to use bunk beds can result in bad health and illnesses. This is because the child who occupies the bottom bunk will have bad chi pressing down on him or her. However, if you must use a bunk bed due to lack of space in the room, you must disperse the negative chi by displaying a Crystal Sphere in the room.

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball (L)
Black Obsidian Crystal Ball

According to Feng Shui, the root cause of children’s’ illnesses can often be traced back to their bedroom. If you feel as if the energy in your child’s bedroom is causing him or her to become ill, place a Wulou in the room. Let your children wear a wulou pendant or ping an kou pendant to ensure he/she is safe from the danger of illness and harm caused by intangible energies.

Brass Herbal Wu Lou

Create a good balance of yin and yang in your children’s bedroom. Yang energy is important for growing kids but too much of it will create hyperactive youngster that is hard to control. Balance it out with some yin element. Pick a wall color that is neutral such as white or cream. You can add some bold yang elements such as a poster of a superhero but avoid using bright colors for the whole walls or curtains. Ample natural light is important to bring in sheng chi into the room essential for kids to grow up healthily.

An electrical alarm clock or a clock radio is a common item kept at the bedside. However, they are the origin of electromagnetic fields, which create many issues in Feng Shui. This is even more so for students and young children, as the electromagnetic field can cause disruptions in good energy – because the element of the field is so near to the head during sleep, there will be too much moving energy to allow for a peaceful rest. To prevent this problem, keep the alarm clock at a minimum distance of 2 meters from your bedside. You can augment these effects by replacing your electrical alarm clock with one that runs on batteries, as this type of clock has a significantly smaller electromagnetic field than others.

When you place your child’s writing or study desk, make sure he or she sits with a wall behind; this is a symbolism of a solid support, which will help the child to learn and grow. In addition to this, a child seated at a desk which is backed by a wall will not have the tendency to fidget and procrastinate, and will also have a longer concentration span – this will result in better quality work and learning efforts. If this cannot be done, hang a painting of something solid such as a mountain behind. Avoid sitting directly facing a window. This will reduce the focus of a child needed to study well.

It is also important that your kid’s study desk faces on of his or her good directions according to Feng Shui Kua. Display a crystal globe, pagoda, or dragon carp on the table or in the Northeast sector of your kid’s bedroom or study room to enhance education and exam luck. Carry a 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain or Scholastic Keychain as well.

Eagle Scholastic Amulet
Scholar With Eagle Amulet
Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque
Manjushri Plaque
Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman
Wisdom Kwan Kung Mini Plaque
Scholastic Keychain
13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda
Dragon Carp Amulet
Colorful Liuli 9 Level Pagoda
Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card
Talent Star Activator Keychain
9 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Amulet
Bejeweled WishFulfilling 7-Storey Feng Shui Pagoda
Clear Crystal Globe (l)
Clear Crystal Globe (l)
Brass Nine Level Feng Shui Pagoda

The negative energy created from a child’s bedroom door facing a toilet or staircase directly will make them unmotivated in their studies, disobedient and rebellious. Avoid it! If that can’t be done, hang a metal wind chime above the door (on the outside of bedroom) to disperse the negative energy from the toilet or staircase.

A personal study crystal point, when held in either hand during work or studying, will help any student achieve a higher result in any academic pursuits. This special crystal is an item used to bring about a higher sense of concentration and focus, in addition to clearing the mind and creating a stronger memory. This crystal will also help to inspire and motivate. When you are not making use of the study crystal, display it on the Northeast sector or on your desk. Also, you must always remember to keep your personal study crystal point in a bag or pouch, as the touch of other people on it can diminish its effects. Ask your child to bring out the crystal and place it on the desk during exam.

You can place a Ruyi in the Southwest or Northwest sector to keep rebellious children under control.

Amethyst is a great crystal for students as it is a stone of wisdom.

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