Feng Shui for Education Luck

According to Feng Shui Kua, your personal Fu Wei direction, or “wisdom direction”, will bring you much luck in both academic pursuits and attempts at self-growth. Keeping auspicious symbols in this direction can also enhance your luck and fortune. When studying and working, try to sit in your Fu Wei direction; this can be determined by keeping with you a compass. Try to sleep with your head pointing towards this direction too. If you can tap into this direction when attending class or examination, even better!

If you are looking to improve you school grades or attain better academic results, then make the most use of the Northeast sector of your home, which is the creator of Education Luck according to Feng Shui Eight Aspirations theory. In the Northeast sector of your room, desk and main family room, you should place enhancers of the Earth element (as the Northeast’s element is Earth), such as crystal globes or crystal balls. A crystal pagoda is particurlarly effective. In addition to this, keeping fire element symbols in this area will also help; lamps and other lights will serve this purpose. You can also hang a world map in this corner of your home.

You should also place academic enhancers (pagoda, globe, carp etc) in the sector where the #4 Wen Chang Star flies into. This Flying Star brings scholastic luck and examination luck and is said to be very powerful when activated.

Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque
Brush With View Of 3 Mountain Peaks
Manjushri Plaque
Wisdom Kwan Kung Mini Plaque
9 Level Green Wen Chang Pagoda

The carp is a very auspicious animal, and is seen in Feng Shui as a valuable item for the home. It is a symbol of determination and perseverance; this is becausewhen swimming up the Yellow River, the carp is very diligent and never gives up, despite the strong currents that threaten to push it back. For those who are attempting to attain high academic achievements, gain a higher sense of intelligence, and enhance their luck in the areas of education and knowledge, placing an image or figurine of the carp on your desk will serve these purposes.

If you are an academic or a young student and are seeking to improve your efforts and results in tests and studies, then you should make use of the Crystal Globe. Its properties of education enhancement are very well-known and helpful; simply display it in the Northeast sector of your home or study area, and spin it once daily.

For those seeking a rekindled sense of spirituality and wisdom, the Amethyst Gem Tree is the ideal item. When displayed upon a study or work desk, it allows for a fresh sense of clarity and concentration, as well as the ability to think logically and decisively. This special gem tree can also be placed in the Northeast sector of the main room in the home, as this will provide a sense of augmented knowledge to all family members.

The Amethyst gemstone itself is a wonderful tool used to widen the state of mind, creating a refreshed common sense and allowing for the ability to think quickly in pressured situations.

The abacus is an ancient tool that was used in ancient China by the masters of mathematics; today, it is a potent symbol of a nimble mind and good scholastic luck. For students who are in the field of economics, accounting, physics and other number-oriented subjects, displaying the Brass Abacus on the work or study desk will provide you with a greater ability to calculate and evaluate numbers.

A personal study crystal point, when held in either hand during work or studying, will help any student achieve a higher result in any academic pursuits. This special crystal is an item used to bring about a higher sense of concentration and focus, in addition to clearing the mind and creating a stronger memory. This crystal will also help to inspire and motivate. When you are not making use of the study crystal, display it on the Northeast sector of your desk. Also, you must always remember to keep your personal study crystal point in a bag or pouch, as the touch of other people on it can diminish its effects. Bring out the crystal and place it on the desk during exam.

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Dragon Carp Amulet
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Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card
Aventurine Pagoda Amulet

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