Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

We have thousands of very satisfied customers from countries around the globe. Here are some of the feedback from our customers:

Hi, Thank you very much for the parcel that I got today. Great service, as usual. Keep up the good work! - James Borja, Australia

Dear Jenny, the wind chimes arrived this morning - they are lovely thank you! - Joyce, USA

Jenny, Just to let you know that the ordered item (feng shui bagua and compass) got here today safe and sound. Many thanks for a job well done! - Albert Baureis, Germany

Your products are beautiful!  I've no doubt everyone will love their good luck gifts. Looking forward to receiving my shipment. - David Simmons, Canada

Dear Jenny, Thank you for your quick response to my order. I have received the items already. I’m so excited. I have to start to Feng Shui my bedroom now! - Dianne Kirk, New Zealand

Thank you for updating me - I appreciate it! Thus far your service has been wonderful and I am very excited to receive my products! - Jane Fagan, UK
Thanks so much for the prompt reply and helpful information! I can't wait to receive my feng shui enhancers and start decorating. Happy Chinese New Year to you too!! - Susan Lam, UK

Thank you for your help, already receipt my feng shui products, thank you again so very much!!! - Aitor Larrinaga, Spain
The items arrived today. They are beautiful, exactly what I ordered, as usual. I will pass your store to all my friends! - Gale Foreman, Canada
Just a quick note to say the feng shui products arrived this afternoon. Thank you for the speedy service. - Emma, Switzerland

I would like to thank you so much for your exceptional customer service. I am really impressed. I would definitely recommend your feng shui store to anyone interested in to buy feng shui products. Cheers! - Bill Davies, USA

It was a pleasure doing business with you as well. You will be seeing a lot more of me. Thanks so much! - Karen Parker, USA

Hello Jenny, I received my products this morning. It was delivered exactly on the scheduled date and they are fabulous. I have many friends who are into feng shui. They will come to your feng shui shop very soon. Happy Holidays. Thank you. - Winnie Legge, USA

I would like to take this opportunity to say how beautiful my crystal bracelet was when it arrived! Thank you. - Gerry, Australia

Thanks for your promptness Jenny. I will keep you in mind for future purchases. - Jad, USA

I appreciate the great communication you provided and I couldn't recommend you highly enough! Please pass my appreciation to your staff. Thank you so much. - Michael, Netherlands
Hi Jenny! Thanks for your reply. I bought the piyaos as a gift for my sisters and brothers. They liked it very much. Thank you again! - Pierre, France
Kudos to the timeliness of the delivery! I was pleased with the price, and loved what I got for the money - Jorge Alberto, Mexico

We received the shipment a few days ago, and we are very satisfied with it. Thanks so much for everything - Althea, UAE

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the goods you sent, they arrived just in time and in the expected quality. - Kenichi, Japan

I have ordered from your site many years ago, and I'm delighted to see you're still operating! - Adeline, USA

I'm so happy with my dzi bead bracelet! I will definitely tell others and order again in the future - Pamela, USA

We did receive the package and thank you for the help! We like your fengshui products and will certainly come back again! - Michelle Chen, USA
Thank you in advance! Our previous purchases was very nice and to our satisfaction - Jan Hendrik Winters, Netherlands
"Hi, I would like to thank you very much for the parcel that I received today. All the items were packed carefully, and came without any damage. Thanks again, keep up the excellent work. Have a nice day. - Susan, USA

Thank you very much for your help…I really appreciate the fantastsic customer service. I will pass your site along to my aunt and friends who also need to get feng shui products.  Cindy Wakeman, UK

Thank you so much for your assistance, however I did receive the package today. Thanks so much my wife liked her gift a lot. - Ricardo, Mexico

I received the parcel this morning. Thank you so much for your good service. I'll be back to order more!! - Romain, France
Thank you, I received the wealth ship and money frog today, both are perfect, my friend will love them. Please feel free to post this on your site as feedback. I will definitely be ordering with you again. - Cher, USA

I would like to thank you so much for the outstanding service and especially for the careful packaging of my parcel which arrived about half an hour ago. I am very impressed by the effort you put in the wrapping. THANK YOU! - Jon Clarke, UK

Received my order today and I'm happy with the goods thank you. - Bill Yeo, USA

I thought you might like to know that I received the feng shui keychains and I love them! I look forward to doing business with you again. - Zlatko Prkacin, Slovania

Thank you so much for your very kind assistance with our order. Everything arrived safely and in time. I look forward to purchase more feng shui cures from your store! - Adalina, Italy

 Thank you very much, I received the wulou and it is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for your help.- Anatoli Kapnidou, Greece

Thank you for your reply clarifying the matter. Will let you know when the order arrives. Very pleased with your service. Thanks again. - Anthony, Canada

We hope that the family will love the feng shui cures and that we will be dealing with you more in future. Many thanks. - Keith Lee, USA

Yesterday I have received my order. Faster than I expected! The pair of feng shui mandarin ducks looks perfect in my bedroom. Thanks and best regards...- Caroline, USA

I am very pleased with the products, they look great! This is my first time ordering and I was very happy with it. Thank you. - Giuseppe Alfieri, Spain

Thanks a lot for your attention! It was a pleasure to do business with you. - Sabrina Booker, Australia

The statue was absolutely perfect and complemented my living room so well. Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come through. - Kevin Cryer, USA

Thank you. I received the dragon in good shape. - Melissa Kochevatkin, USA
Hi Jenny. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate you getting back to me so quickly. Best regards - Angie Clark, USA

I  received my order and really love all my products, so thank you. Time to bring some good feng shui energies into my home. - Peter Nguyen, USA

I found your shop was the best place to buy my feng shui cures. Thank you very much. - Emily, New Zealand

Just wanted to inform you guys know that I did receive the order today and they are absolutely beautiful. My husband is going to love having these auspicious feng shui products in his office! Thank you so much, you guys have been great. - Jennifer Crichton, USA

We have recently received the feng shui products we ordered and were very impressed with the prompt service and the products’ quality. Thank you, very much appreciated . We will order again! - Sarah Cooke, USA

The wealth pots arrived in very good condition. My friends love them. Thank you for your help. - Carrie Malone, USA
I forgot to tell you that I've received it well. The laughing Buddha is very adorable, and all is correct. Thanks! - Angiola Pacquola, Italy

Thank you very much for your quick response and follow up. We appreciate it a lot. - Jon Steinmann, Sweden

Got the goods yesterday and they are beautiful. I loved it! thank you very much for your help - Natalie Miko, Australia

I have received my five element pagoda, windchimes, wulou and  Pi yao. thanks you for your quick response. I give you my highest recommendation! Linh Ho, USA

My crystal product arrived this morning & it is gorgeous! I'm delighted. Thank you so much. Best wishes! - Antti Halmo, Finland
Just an email to say that I received the package via fedex on Thurday (15 Mar). I am very satisfied with the items and all my confidence for my next purchase grants to you! -Thomas Harriden, U.S.A.

Your products are beautiful. Thank you so much for the swift delivery. I just placed another order a moment ago. I will use you again and again and have shared your website with many. God bless! - Harish Kumar, India