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9 Rank Badge Plaque
In Chinese culture, the Crane is seen as a symbol of elevated status and increased rank in life. Thi..
Anti Robbery Plaque
In the year 2020, the #7 Robbery/Loss Star enters the center of the yearly chart and thus rules the ..
Anti-Burglary Red Plaque
This 2019 Anti-Burglary Plaque is a powerful Feng Shui cure to ward off the worst of the negativity ..
US$49.88 US$44.88
Tai Sui Plaque 2019
In the Year of the Pig 2019, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) resides in the Northwes..
US$42.88 US$19.88
Tai Sui Plaque 2020
Each year, the Grand Duke Jupiter, also known as the Tai Sui, changes position, following the planet..
Yang Energy Amulet Plaque
This powerful Feng shui cure is designed with potent Yang symbols of Dragons, Fire, Red Color and 15..
King Gesar Amulet Plaque
The legend of King Gesar has it that he ruled the Himalayan Mountains, in the areas of Tib..
US$65.88 US$59.88
21 Tara Plaque
The 21 Taras act quickly to remove osbtacles to success and make your wishes into reality. Display o..
3 Celestial Guardians Plaque
Protect your family from the deadly influences of the Three Killings with these formidable Celestial..
US$49.88 US$39.88
9 Deity Invocation Plaque
This amazing red plaque features the Nine Powerful Deities. By placing this beautiful plaque in your..
Anti Burglary Plaque
This beautiful Anti-Burglary Plaque made of a ceramic tile printed with the images of the Rhinoceros..
US$58.88 US$39.88
Double Happiness Plaque
A beautiful plaque featuring the Double Happiness symbol in red. The medallion above the symbol show..
Gui Ren Plaque
This powerful Gui Ren Talisman Plaque invokes the blessing from the Jade Emperor to attract Nobleman..
Guru Rinpoche Celestial Mandala Plaque
This amazing plaque showcases the beautiful mandala of Guru Rinpoche.Guru Rinpoche, or also know..
Wish Fulfilling Door Plaque
This plaque showcases two Kalachakra Stupas flanking powerful mantras in the middle. Hang this plaqu..
3 Celestial Guardian Plaque
This Feng Shui protection plaque features the three celestial guardians with implements: the Pi Yao ..
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Tai Sui Plaque 2018
In the Year of the Dog 2018, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) relocates to the Northw..
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Om Mani Padme Hum Blessing Plaque
Hang the Om Mani Padme Hum Plaque above your entrance to experience the blessings of the Compassiona..
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6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque
This classy Heaven Prosperity giant coin plaque is designed to invite the wealth-bringing energy of ..
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Anti Burglary Plaque - Rhinoceros and Elephant (Tile)
This beautiful Anti-Burglary Plaque printed with the image of the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant and p..
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Black Scorpion Tablet
This Feng Shui tablet features powerful mantra, Guru Rinpoche and a black scorpion, decorated with d..
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Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque
Those who are sick or injured who call upon Medicine Buddha will get his help. He will aid those who..
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Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque
This beautiful Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque is made up of a striking red acrylic plaque decorated wi..
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Feng Shui Tai Sui Plaque
Chinese astrology places great emphasis on appeasing Taisui or Tai Shui, also called the Grand Du..
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Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque
This Feng Shui cure can effectively repress the #3 Quarrelsome Star which brings arguments, gossi..
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Gesar of Ling Plaque
Displaying Gesar of Ling Plaque in your house is believed to bring quick fame, recognition and succe..
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Guru Rinpoche Plaque
The Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche has the power to remove all kinds of hindrances, difficulties and..
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Kalachakra Mantra Protection Plaque
Whenever you walk underneath it, all your negative energy will be cleansed and replaced with good Fe..
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Long Mantra of Avalokiteshvara Plaque
Avalokiteshvara or Guan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Infinite Compassion. This plaque is very powerful ..
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Magic Wheel Plaque
This Magic Wheel plaque empowered by the Vajra (Dorje) and Hum seed syllables is a powerful Feng Shu..
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Noble Stack of Auspiciousness Plaque
This beautiful plaque contains powerful mantras that will remove any inauspicious or negative chi cr..
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Seven Medicine Buddha Plaque
This beautiful Medicine Buddha Plaque will sure to emit vibes of healthy energies into your living s..
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