To further investigate the luck of the year and the fortunes of the twelve animal signs, you can look at the compass stars of the 24 mountains also besides the Flying Stars. These change every year, so their influence on the luck profile of the twelve animal signs also changes from year to year. Different lucky and unlucky fortune stars fly into each of the 24 compass sectors, bringing energies that either improve or decrease the energy of the twelve animal signs.

The Stars bring auspicious or harmful influences, but they vary in strength and type each year. The 24 Mountain stars that affect the twelve signs in 2023 are illustrated here. Note that the 12 signs occupy every alternate direction of the 24 directions around the compass. Inside each animal sign location is the mountain star on which the sign sits on, such as the Natural Disaster for Rooster or the Tai Sui for Horse.

Feng Shui Masters of Hong Kong and Taiwan have great respect for the effect of these stars, and they always take into account their influences not only when doing the physical feng Shui of houses but also when updating the readings of the luck prospects of the different animal signs.

The effect of the 24 Mountain stars, whether good and bad, is felt by the 12 animal signs because each of the signs' home location on the compass lies within the 24 Mountains. Thus every alternate one of the 24 Mountains is the home location of each of the 12 animal signs.

Sometimes, the effect of the 24 Mountains stars is so auspicious they can cause windfalls to occur when one is blessed by good stars. But other times, the stars can be afflictive, bringing risk of loss and misfortune.

Your luck prospects for the year are influenced by the 24 Mountains Star that your animal sign sits on. Your luck is likewise affected by the stars flanking your sign's location e.g. the Yearly Conflict and the Yin House for the Sheep.


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