Chinese culture believes that the time of year when the Hungry Ghosts are let loose from “Hell” can be very dangerous to those of us on Earth. It is advised that we should use extra care at night during the month of the Hungry Ghost. Be alert to where you drive, be careful walking on busy streets, and using any form of travel. One must use extra caution to avoid misfortune caused by a disruption in chi energy during this time and one way is to welcome in more yang than yin energy. One easy way to begin this process is by wearing bright colors instead of dark ones. Here are Feng Shui products and symbols that can provide extra protection against the Hungry Ghosts:

How to Ward off Hungry Ghosts

1Standing Kwan Kung – The general Kuan Ti was later known as Kwan Kung and he is among the most famous generals in Chinese history, having been deified as the God of War. On a more positive note, he is also known as the God of Wealth, particularly when it comes to being able to defeat the competition. Since he has these two powers – of combat and wealth – he is perhaps the most useful Taoist deity to keep in a home. Inside the home, his image should be displayed facing the front door so that his ferocious face will frighten any who dare to try to enter. It is thought that his fierce face will prevent negativity from being able to enter the home, so the more fierce the look on the statue, the better.

2Chung Kwei – In Chinese mythology, the one deity who is dubbed the “ghost catcher” is Chung Kwei, since his image is supposedly enough to chase any wandering spirits away, preventing harm. He can provide strong protection from harmful energy when invited into your home and can help ward off evil and ghostly presences. He is often shown with bats, a symbol of great happiness and abundant good fortune.

3The Universal Cosmic Tortoise – Very well known in Tibet and Nepal as a Buddhist astrological mandala, this figure is often displayed in homes for protection from negative influences. The Universal tortoise is thought to have the ability to stop wandering spirits from entering, especially if placed in an elevated place in the home. Hang the figure near the front of your home for powerful help in protecting from harm.

4Fu Dogs – These mythical creatures are often depicted playing with a ball, but make no mistake – they are believed to have the ability to ward off evil. It is suggested that a pair of Fu Dogs be used, placed in an elevated position on both sides of the main gate or door of a home or office. The male (the one with the ball) should be placed on the left side of the door – looking out. The female should be placed on the right. If you are unable to tell which is male and which is female, do not be overly concerned. Though this positioning is preferable, having the genders placed incorrectly does not take away their power.

5Elliptical Coin – This coin is thought to bring powerful protection, indicated by the inscription on it of “Tian Bao Di Bao”, meaning “protection”, which has been granted from Heaven and Earth. On the other side of the coin a pair of crossed swords is inscribed, indicating further protection, as well as a tortoise representing longevity and a serpent to bring forth hidden insight and supernatural powers that have previously been hidden. The coin offers aid in preventing harm during the month of the Hungry Ghost.

Chung Kwei The Exorcist in Red Robe
Liu Li Chung Kwei the Exorcist
Hum Pendant (Silver)

6The Seven Stars Sword – Taoist Masters often use this mighty tool to prevent wandering spirits from entering and to keep ghosts under control, especially those with evil intentions. It would be wise to display this item in the home or office to chase away any bad yin energy. If you suffer from insomnia, display the Seven Stars Sword near your bed to protect you at night when you are most vulnerable to harm.

7 The Hum Pendant – “Hum” is a powerful seed syllable, representing Heaven, Earth and Mankind as a trinity. It is thought to represent the foundation of all mantras and prayers that exist. Wear the pendant at your heart to keep you from harm that might approach from the 8 directions of the compass plus those above and below. If you feel you might be in jeopardy, chant quietly “Hum Hum Hum Hum.”

8La Zha – This is one of Heaven’s most powerful deities. Magic is La Zha’s secret weapon and he uses it to keep away evil or wandering ghosts. For best protection, place him near your home’s front door.

Please take note:  It is not required that you have all of these powerful cures and methods of protection at your disposal. But be sure to keep at least one protector at home and at your office, which can be easily available in Feng Shui stores. It is also advised to wear a form of protection on your body if possible. If you are wearing an item with mantras from a high lama or holy person, be sure these mantras touch your body.