Most of Feng Shui principles depend on directions; so it’s important to have a Feng shui compass and know how to use it correctly. With the directions and sectors of your property accurately mapped with the help of a Feng Shui compass, you can easily apply many Feng Shui formulas such as Feng Shui Bagua Theory, Feng Shui Flying Star or Eight Mansion Feng Shui Kua. It helps to determine the best direction to position your furniture and be aware of the facing directions to be observed by you and your family members in order to reap good fortune and avert confronting bad forces such as the Tai Sui or Three Killings.

Feng Shui recommendations are based on the premises of 24 different directions. Each of the eight major directions is divided into 3 sub-directions. This makes it all the more important to use a reliable compass. If you’re serious about your Feng Shui practice, it’s essential to own a Feng Shui compass.

To find out the direction of your maindoor, take a first reading at your doorstep facing outwards. Now, move back one step inside the house and take another reading, also facing outwards. Next, move one step out of your house and take a reading (facing outwards too with your back facing the door).

These readings should point to a particular direction; if there’s a small variation, you can take an average and make that the direction of your maindoor. However, if the difference is vast, you should check for the presence of furniture with metallic fittings or parts, or electronic equipments in the vicinity and move them away temporarily as they can affect the magnetic field in the surrounding and hence the compass reading.

For best results, make sure the compass is positioned at waist level. Take off all hand jewelry and watches. It’s best to be away from cars and other large metallic bodies. Also, take off metal belt buckles since even these may affect readings. In order to arrive at an accurate reading, you can use the compass in three different places in your property

The art of Feng Shui requires accuracy in direction measurements. This can be achieved only by using a good compass properly. Never use the direction the sun rises to determine your direction as far as Feng Shui application is concerned. It is simply not accurate enough. Feng Shui practitioners must have a reliable compass with them at all times.