Mantras are a combination of sacred sounds used as symbols representing the highest of divine powers and spiritual awareness. The mantras were originally transmitted in Sanskrit and they were believed to have come from the Buddhas.

The power brought about by these mantras is without limitation and the benefits received from them vary from one person to the next, depending upon the person calling upon these sacred words and what their needs are. The sounds can be chanted, written or worn close to the body in the form of a medallion or other piece of jewelry. How they are used also plays a role in the powerful benefits received.

Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum

All mantras are powerful but specific mantras achieve specific results, according to Buddhists. These results might include higher consciousness, enhanced protection, recovery from illness and greater productivity.

One of the most popular and powerful mantras that is used is the Wish-fulfilling Mantra "OM PADMO USHINISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT". This can be recited, worn close to the heart, or written to achieve any goal that is desired, and can also dispel problems that might be preventing success. As long as one’s goal is for the highest good and is desired with a heart of pure motivation, without any harmful intentions, the mantra can be invoked to seek greater happiness, and to achieve spiritual, mental, physical, material or emotional satisfaction. Saying this mantra can bring about improvement in love or marital relationships, to improve relationships with children, and to achieve abundant good fortune involving career, success, wealth luck and prosperity, as well as improved or continued good health.


The other very powerful mantra is the Negative Karma Cleansing Mantra "OM HANU PHASHA BHARA HE YE SVAHA" which can erase negative karma and help overcome a lifetime of bad luck. It can clear away anything standing in the way of your success in all aspects of your life. Even the sight of the sacred mantra can provide relief and peace of mind. Gaze at the mantra, then close your eyes and attempt to “burn” an impression of the syllables into your subconscious. This is a powerful process towards the purification of all that is negative in your existence.

Negative Karma Cleansing Mantra OM HANU PHASHA BHARA HE YE SVAHA

The mantras above are equally as powerful as the Mantra of the Buddha of Compassion, Kuan Yin or Avalokitesvara – OM MANI PADME HUM, or the Mantra of the Medicine Buddha that helps those with who are sick – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA.


Mantras remove difficult karma while neutralizing negativity. They ease suffering and take away obstacles towards success. Seeing or reciting a mantra can clarify one’s intentions and bring relief from harm or confusion. Calm and order will replace chaos and disorder, creating a peaceful soul. The mantra opens the doorway of communication to those who believe, and calls upon the cosmic forces to form a partnership with the person reciting, wearing or writing the syllables.

The goal is to establish a regular pattern of work with your mantras and the suggestion in feng shui and Buddhist circles is to recite your mantra 108 times each day, also known as a “mala”. Use mala beads to help you keep track of your chanting. Doing so can lead to a calm state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you know how to meditate. The chanting or writing of mantra is itself a state of meditation. In time, worry and confusion will diminish and answers to problems will be presented. This is thought to elevate one to a higher level of happiness and fulfillment.

Invoking a mantra allows you to tap into your higher self and speeds the process of soul progression. On a conscious level, this will lead to peace of mind and self-confidence. Unconsciously, the expected result is that you will begin to realize that you can take responsibility for all that happens in your lifetime. You only need to call upon your mantra to begin the process and to access all that awaits you.

Becoming one with the Universe is the goal of the sacred mantras. Added energy and creativity are among the extra benefits once your soul is aligned to the timing of the Universe. Expect added opportunities and the fulfillment of your secret desires.

It is believed that becoming one with a mantra is a powerful way to reach spiritual bliss. Trust plays an important role in meditating with a mantra, since it is trust in not only the syllables but the power of the Universe to help provide all that you seek. Those who believe in the process of reciting or writing a mantra are said to feel the world has opened to them. New opportunities are revealed and a path to spiritual success is cleared.

Mantras all combine certain sounds, each emitting a tone that taps into vibrations that rule love, finances, health and all that one desires. A rhythm is established when reciting the mantra and it affects not only the energy of the person calling upon the mantra, but also connects with the greater energy of the Universe. Each sound’s vibration interacts with the next and a pattern of sounds emerges that represents a calling to action. Suddenly, it becomes quite natural to attract what you desire and to expect great things to enter your life.

When a mantra is written, it is said that the brain looks at the syllables and commits them to memory. The thought process changes and the energy field follows suit, telling the person repeating the mantra that all is well. Wearing the sacred syllables that comprise a mantra is powerful as well, since the syllables are often worn on the body in the form of a pendant, which is worn close to the heart. This physical connection becomes a psychological trigger that the mantra and the wearer are of one energy. Wearing the mantra has the effect of voicing aloud syllables that call upon the higher forces to bring about all of your desires.

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Rotating Om Mani Padme Hum Lotus Double Dorje Hanging

While the power of belief is great, it is still necessary to realize that a full transformation of one’s life may come in stages. Usually, there is at least a mild improvement fairly quickly in some areas. It may take time and dedication to achieve the highest goal, but devotion to the task of meditating with the mantra plays a key role in success. Those with negative karma from the past may find that this negativity needs to be cleared away before new and positive energy can finally take complete residence in one’s life.

Those who have a firm belief in the powers of sacred mantras to elevate spiritual awareness and create a new life mentally, physically and emotionally say that they realized that life did not need to be as difficult as what they’d imagined or previously lived through. Once their thought processes began elevating and changing, and once they truly believed that all they desired was within reach, the pathways to bliss opened.      

Whether the person reciting or writing the mantra understands the true meaning of each syllable of a sacred mantra – whether they have previous experience with meditation or the particular sound cues released with the mantras – believers feel that the mantra still holds all the power available to mankind.

Certain syllables found in many mantras are representative of the divine, and these seed syllables are regarded with as much reverence as the mantras themselves. The most popular syllable of all is the seed syllable OM, which is often the key component to a mantra and considered a holy syllable. Another syllable often found in a mantra is HUM. To some, these sounds alone hold spiritual Feng Shui power. Hindus believe that the sounds of the syllables hold more power than the writing of them, yet other cultures, such as the Chinese, say that writing a mantra is equally as potent, since the Chinese highly value the written word.

Whether someone has vast experience in the feng shui or meditation world, the lure of the sacred mantra has huge appeal, offering all the wisdom and pleasure of the Universe in exchange for devotion and belief in the symbolism that the syllables represent.