Feng Shui for your Office - How to enhance your Career or Business luck

An ancient Chinese belief called Feng Shui, has once again become popular around the world. Feng Shui is a lifestyle lived in harmony and balance with the natural world and the flow of energy. The idea of Feng Shui includes positioning object in such a way that energy flows freely, creating a positive atmosphere and displaying Feng Shui products with the correct placement to nourish and enhance the good energy. You can create an environment with the Feng Shui philosophy that has a positive impact on and in every aspect of your life from bedroom (more tips on Feng Shui bedroom here) to bathroom, kitchen to office.

We spend a large portion of our daily time at the workplace. Working in a Feng Shui'ed office makes a vast difference to efficiency and collegial relationships. Feng Shui can be used to create harmony and deflect office politicking and gossiping. With good Feng Shui in your office, coming to work everyday will no longer be a task. Achieving success and promotion will be easier. So are you ready to Feng Shui your office?

Below are some easy to follow Feng Shui tips to assist you in creating the right atmosphere and environment in your office  Feng Shui and arranging furniture etc. in such a way to attract career luck and prosperity to your life. These Feng Shui tips will enhance your creativity and strengthen the positive flow of energy in your workplace.

1. Removing clutter - Clutter stimulates negative energy. Try keeping your work space clutter free and clear to allow the positive energy to flow. Remove unwanted and unnecessary things from your desk and keep to the basics. Physical clutter can negatively influence your emotions and by clearing it away you will regain strength, feel optimistic and energized once again.

2. The shape of your desk - Productivity can be greatly influenced by the shape of your desk. Energy flows easily over rounded curves instead the hard corners of a more traditional desk. It is believed that a kidney shaped desk gives you the feeling of inner peace and will enhance your creative mind.

3. Feng Shui the position of your desk in your office - Your desk should be in the commanding position meaning it should be placed diagonally to the door, and never with your back to it. This offers your control of your space.  Do not sit too near to the door as it put you in a vulnerable position Feng Shui wise. Preferably place your desk in the North corner – which is the career luck sector based on Feng Shui Bagua formula. If possible, have your desk or office in the far corner diagonal to the entrance of the whole office for better feng shui.

4. Direction of your office work desk - You should be sitting facing one of your personal auspicious directions based on Feng Shui Kua formula. Ideally face your Sheng Chi (prosperity) or Fu Wei (growth) direction. Make sure you do not face the Grand Duke Jupiter’s and the Three Killings direction for they bring problems to you in your work place. If you do, remedy it with Pi Yao or Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians. Position your work desk so you are not directly facing anyone else to avoid being in a confrontational setting and creating tension between you and your colleague. Do not sit facing the toilet or staircase, or underneath an exposed beam.

Also try to avoid sitting facing a wall. If your desk at work is facing a wall, you will find that possibilities and promotions may never reach you. If it not possible to change the position of your desk, you can instead place a painting of scenery in front of you, representing open space for opportunities. You can also place a phoenix figurine in front of your desk, which will serve to disperse the bad effects of the wall and form a better feel of Feng Shui.

Have a solid wall behind you for good support. With a door or window behind you, you are vulnerable to many problems. If this cannot be prevented, cover the window will curtains, and place icons of business luck such as a tortoise, a dragon tortoise or a painting of mountain (but never one with water present) behind you.

Bejeweled Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise
Bejeweled Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise
Colorful Liuli Dragon Tortoise With Wulou

5. When you sit down at work, check to make sure that there are no sharp or pointed edges (e.g. from table) facing directly towards you. These are representation of “poison arrows” which carry and emit dangerous Shar Chi, also known as “killing breath”. This harmful force can cause decline in career status, disease and many other misfortunes. If this cannot be avoided, use a Clear Quartz Crystal Ball, Brass Coin Sword or Fu Dogs for Protection to disperse the negative energy.

6. Where you work or reside, there are always those who will attempt you harm you and compete with you; these attacks often come from someone behind where you sit. Due to this, you should always ensure that you are augmented appropriately in your seated position. Place a figurine of the Feng Shui Rooster one your workdesk to counter office politicking and backstabbing.

7. Plants represent growing wealth. It is life-giving and produces oxygen. Place a smooth-leaved plant in the corner of your office to help the flow of energy in an otherwise empty space. Green is believed to aid creativity. Place a small pot of plant in the Southeast sector in the office or the corner of your table to enhance your chances of personal growth and to attract good income luck.

8. While a proud Rooster with a pointed beak is a very good symbol of defense against office drama and backstabbing, you can also use the Cicada to help protect you from any undermining colleagues and conspiring competitors.

9. Natural light is always the best so move your desk closer to the window, but still facing the door. Too much bright light can cause irritability and exhaustion and put you in a very bad mood. Avoid fluorescent light and rather opt for warm natural light without a glare.

10. Feng Shui products for office - Whether you work from home or office, you can manipulate your space to have the best possible effect on your income. According to Feng Shui Bagua formula, the area related to wealth is situated to the South East. Therefore this area should be decorated with Feng Shui wealth symbols such as a wealth ship or a wealth pot. The career sector is North so placing appropriate images and decorative items in this corner is essential in any office space to enhance your career luck. (See Feng Shui products for career and Feng Shui enhancers for office).

More Feng Shui Tips for Office

11. Feng Shui Color in your office - Color can greatly enhance energy flow in your office. Because every color has a different property, choose what will work best for you. More on Feng Shui color.

12. Feng Shui Bagua - When you place the bagua grid pattern over the floor plan of your office, you will see the different aspirations that are governed by the eight bagua sectors which you can then make arrangement or decorate with Feng Shui products to enhance the positive energy in those areas.  For career luck, the sector to emphasize on is the North.

You can add the following to Feng Shui your office to symbolize good career prospect:

13. Getting along with your colleagues is an important aspect of a successful career. To achieve this, display an Amethyst Gem Tree on your desk in your office – doing so will allow smooth relationships with your bosses, colleagues and clients. This is because the Amethyst gem is regarded as the “Stone of Contentment and Harmony”, cooling any frustrations or anger and replacing them with calm and patience. You can also use the Star of David Crystal Balls that promotes harmony and soothes tensions. You should also determine the location of the #3 hostile star in your office, which brings quarrels, disputes, gossips and legal problems when triggered. Weaken this star with cures here.

14. For those who are in the study fields or careers of literature, publishing, media, education or communications, the Crystal Globe will serve to enhance your efforts and increase your luck. To make use of its benefits, simply place it on your work or study desk – doing so will create a new sense of recognition and respect for you amongst your colleagues or peers.

15. Keeping a Crystal Ball in your home or office will serve to create an environment of harmony and peace. Keep six spheres of various sizes in one area – doing so will allow your work time to always be productive and pleasant. In this Period of 8, the Crystal Sphere becomes even more effective.

16. An aquarium is a valuable water feature used in the practice of Feng Shui. The element of water is enhanced by displaying fish in the aquarium. You have two choices: either you can use real fish (eight red or gold Arowana and one single black fish), or you can simply use fish figurines (for those who do not have the time or capacity to care for real fish). Both will have the effects of luck and wealth. However, if you keep real fish within your aquarium, be cautious with what you feed them; providing them with live food (such as worms) will create a bad sense of karma for you – use pellets of frozen worms as replacements.

17. A Three-Legged Toad is a useful item for those whose careers largely rely on commission or tips. When placed on your desk at work, or in your home diagonal to your main entrance, it will create a better environment for business interactions. You can also enhance this effects by keeping with you three I-Ching coins, strung together with a red string, in your purse, pocket, bag or wallet. For those who are involved in telemarketing and phone business, the I-Ching coins should instead be attached to your phone to bring good business luck.

18. According to Pakua’s Eight Life Aspirations Theory, the North sector is the generator of career luck. When you place a Six-Rod Metal Wind Chime in this sector, you will be symbolizing the creation of Water energy, which in turn enhances luck in your career.

19. One of the mythical creatures which will provide you with career luck is the Dragon Tortoise; when displayed on your desk at work, it will provide you with encouragement from your superiors (often resulting in advancement and promotion) and smooth relationships with your colleagues.

20. The Tribute Horse has long been related to the times of great emperors in ancient China; presents were brought in to winners of battles by the defeated within these constructions. Placing a Tribute Horse in your workplace will serve to protect you from competitors, and allow you to think clearly, resulting in business success and promotions.

21. The Chinese Unicorn, also known by names such as “Chi Lin” or the “Dragon Horse”, is a creature from the myths of ancient China. It is said that it is able to draw in the cosmic breath from the Dragon, which will provide the household with good fortune. Also, when placed in the office, the Chi Lin will promise promotions – this is even more so for those involved in the military or politics.

22. A well-designed office should have lots of natural lighting from as many windows as possible. If that cannot be achieved, supplement with full spectrum lighting. White is better than yellow light in an office environment.

23. Activate fame and recognition luck by placing a Phoenix or lamp in the South sector (fire element). It brings beneficial energies of the south that attracts opportunities and improves social life and so that you become well-liked by your colleagues.

24. For those working in very competitive and cuthroat environment, it's highly recommended that you activate the #1 Victory Star in your office or home. This Flying Star brings gives you an edge over your competitors and grant thriumphant luck and is said to be very powerful when triggered. The activators for this star can be found here.

25. The Camel will serve very well to assist businessmen when placed in the office. For those whose careers are well on track, the Camel will safeguard both it and you from any betrayal or oppositional enemies. If your business is seeing bad time, the Camel will throw out the lifeline of luck, pulling your career out of the mud and helping it to prosper once again.

25. The Ruyi is a very useful tool to have when one is in search of greater authority or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. It can be used not only in business, but also in general life. It is a necessity for people such as CEOs, directors, managers or politicians, all of whom are seeking to climb further up on the ladder of their career and to gain respect and loyalty from those under you.

Feng Shui tips for Home office

You can apply the Feng Shui tips above for your office at home as well, besides some additional tips below.

At your home office it is important to maintain a professional approach and separate your living space from your office space.  Keep your work tidy and clutter free to allow energy to flow. Take a short walk every morning before entering your office and again in the evening. The décor in your home office should also be different to the rest of your house to separate the different aspects of your life

Remember that your immediate environment affects every part of your life and how you relate to it. Small changes can bring about big ideas and loads of positive energy flow to your life. Stick to the minimum and use Feng Shui colors of yin and yang and Feng Shui products to enhance that energy and receive the best that the universe has to offer.

Feng Shui Products for good business luck and to give you an edge over your competitions:

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