The crab, as an animal, is a very vigilant and agile creature. Because it moves in a sideways manner, it is said to stand out in a crowd, allowing for success and strategic handling of situations. It also has claws that symbolize great strength; when encountered with danger, the crab will immediately pinch its opponent, preventing any form of escape or further harm.

Because of these vital features of the Crab, it is a strong and worthy creature in Feng Shui symbolism. For those in business, it is said to help provide you with the power to overcome your opponents, stabilizing your climb up the career ladder with plenty of promotions. For those who are still studying, the Crab is believed to enhance academic aptitude and test results. Those who are coming at you with bad intentions will be repressed. Not only will it eliminate the competition, but the Crab is reputed to allow you the insights to reach the goal; you will attain the ability to create strategic methods and create counterattacks.

Excellent gift for businessmen, entrepreneurs and people in competitive environments.

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The crab, as an animal, is a very vigilant and agile creature. Because it moves in a sideways man..
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