Feng Shui Color

To understand how color relates to the way we think and feel we need to understand what Feng Shui is. Feng Shui is an old Chinese philosophy about spatial orientation and arrangement and how our physical surroundings can have an impact on our body, mind and spirit. What is Yin and Yang?  Also from Chinese origins, it refers to the seemingly contrary forces, heaven and earth, that are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. They are complementary opposites in the greater whole. Certain colors are Yin colors and others are Yang colors and by using these colors correctly in your environment, you create a perfect balance of peace and harmony.

Consider for a moment the effects of a bright green plant in an otherwise dry and arid environment and how the life giving color influences your mood. Consider the feeling you experience when you see a bunch of brightly colored flowers or a white lily between the foliage in a dark forest. Now imagine a world with no color. Color has the power to change your mood and Feng Shui uses that power to change your life and thoughts. The energy that is reflected from the color is believed to create balance and harmony in your life.

Color is important in your every day life to enhance your working environment, to help you relax and sleep peacefully and to keep a natural balance by shifting energy in the space where you are. Here are examples of Yin colors and Yang colors and the moods they create. By knowing which Feng Shui color to use where, you can create a room in your house for relaxation and get energy flowing at work to enhance creativity.

The Yin colors of Feng Shui represent healing and relaxation

Blue creates a relaxing atmosphere. Like the sky and the sea it has a soothing effect that helps your mind to quiet down and you body to heal. It’s the color of peace and trust. Navy blue relates to wisdom and all blues represent adventure and the need to explore. It also represents water hence refrain from painting your ceiling with it as it symbolizes being drowned!

Black is the most Yin Feng Shui color full of sophistication and mystery. It’s the color of night and deep waters. It adds depth and strength to your living space and holds the energy of protection and power. Also a water element like blue, never paint your ceiling black! Ideal color for the bedroom where Yin should prevail but do not overuse it as too much Yin is also not a good thing.

Green is the color of hope, rebirth, growth and health. It is the wood element and used in referencing nature. This calming Feng Shui color brings healing vibrations and balance to your body. The make the best out of the energies of this nourishing color, use several of its tones.

Feng Shui associates purple with spiritual awareness and is the color for physical and mental healing and royalty. This Feng Shui color should be used in moderation as it is a very strong color with high vibrations. However, it makes an ideal color to be used in a meditation or healing room. Whenever possible, opt for a lighter shade such as lavender.

The Yang colors of Feng Shui represent enthusiasm and positive energy

Yellow represents warmth, friendliness and happiness. Like the sun giving us warmth and life, so yellow does for our environment. Although gentler than red, yellow should be used sparingly as it is believed to create feelings of anxiety when exposed to it for too long. This uplifting and cheerful color is best suited for the family room or the children’s room.

In Feng Shui, Orange is believed to strengthen concentration and sharpen your creative skills. It is used to give a sense of purpose and organization. Ideal for your study or office.

Red embodies truth and virtue. It is a positive and passionate color representing vibrancy, joy and happiness. It’s also a lucky color for the Chinese and a color you will see in abundance during Chinese New Year. Use this color with caution because it can bring a state of restlessness. A good color for the kitchen but not the living room.

White is the color of purity. It represents confidence, poise and trustworthiness. It’s the most Yang Feng Shui color because it’s made up of all the seven colors of light. White is a “safe” Feng Shui color and can be used generously.

All the colors of Feng Shui can be used to make your life come full circle. Understanding and using them correctly will create harmony and balance energy in your life, bringing health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui colors can also be categorized into one of the five elements in Feng Shui, besides Yin and Yang.

  • Earth Element Feng Shui colors are beige, cream, light brown and ochre.
  • Metal Element Feng Shui colors are white, gold, silver, gray and metallic.
  • Water Element Feng Shui colors are blue, navy and black.
  • Wood Element Feng Shui colors are green and brown.
  • Fire element Feng Shui colors are red, orange, vermillion and Fuschia

Feng Shui Colors according to Feng Shui Bagua Formula

According to Feng Shui Bagua Formula, each of the nine sectors of your house (North, South, East, West, center etc.) has an element and governs different kind of luck in your life namely North-career, Southeast-wealth and Southwest-love.

Using colors of the same element or beneficial/productive to the element of the sector can help to enhance the kind of luck the sector represents. For example, the North sector influences career luck and its element is water. Therefore, water element Feng Shui colors blue, navy and black are suitable for this sector. And because Metal produces Water, metal element Feng Shui colors white, gold, silver and gray are also ideal for this sector to activate career luck. Colors to avoid for North sectors are Wood and Earth colors as these elements weakens or destroys Water element in the Five Element Cycle. For easy reference, see table below for which colors suitable for what sector of your home/office.

NorthCareer LuckWater & Metal element Feng Shui colorsEarth & Wood colors
SouthwestLove & Romance LuckEarth & Fire element Feng Shui colorsMetal & Wood colors
EastHealth & Family Luck Wood & Water element Feng Shui colorsFire & Metal colors
SoutheastWealth & Money LuckWood & Water element Feng Shui colorsFire & Metal colors
NorthwestMentor/Patriarch Luck Metal & Earth element Feng Shui colorsWater & Fire colors
WestDescendants' & Children LuckMetal & Earth element Feng Shui colorsWater & Fire colors
NortheastEducation Luck Earth & Fire element Feng Shui colorsMetal & Wood colors
SouthFame & Recognition Fire element Feng Shui colorsEarth & Water color
CenterGeneral luck of householdEarth & Fire element Feng Shui colorsMetal & Wood colors