Feng Shui for your Home

Feng Shui can be applied to so many places in and around your home and by using it effectively, create an environment and living space for you where you can live in harmony with all the elements around you. Balance is created by using the Feng Shui colors of yin and yang and their attributes together with the arrangement of furniture and symbols throughout your life and living space. For positive energy or Chi to move freely around you, certain changes are necessary in your life. These changes will enhance positive Chi and create a prosperous and healthy environment for you. Feng Shui believers insist that there is more than meets the eye to our existence and that beyond our seeing and doing, forces are present in the universe that can affect the way we live and feel. Understanding how to arrange your space correctly will allow those forces to positively enhance your life and lifestyle. The object of the exercise is to create enough space for the energy to flow.

Everything in your home and every single object, whether for decoration, light, sound or vision, has an effect on you. This effect can be positive or negative depending on what the objects are, how many there are and how they are arranged. By bringing Feng Shui into you home and design will help you in gaining and maintaining that positive energy. Feng Shui is about balancing energies and creating harmony, deflecting and diffusing negative energies to allow for the positive energy to enter your life. You don’t have to start making radical changes overnight and throwing out almost everything you own. You can start by moving a couple of objects from one area to another more positive area or by replacing harsh light with warmer light or shadows or natural light and sunshine.

Although Feng Shui symbols and elements enhance and create balance, using them all at the same time and in or around the same place, can also cause confusion and imbalance to your life. For Feng Shui to work, you should learn and know which elements to place where and what to move around in your home. Every object has its own energy and there is great significance in placing them correctly. Changing them all at once could lead to a negative influence between positive relationships you might already have. Subtle changes are the key to success.

For a start, you can use the Feng Shui Bagua diagram or map to place over the floor plan of your house. Bagua is the map of energy qualities in your space and encompasses the eight most important aspirations in your life from wealth to wisdom to relationships and more. Feng Shui Bagua can be used for your property, for your home and then for each room in your home. It will show you where to place what, where to build your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom (more tips on Feng Shui Bedroom), etc and then how to decorate those rooms accordingly. It will show you where there are possible problems and negative energies and how to rearrange them to complete your flow of positive energy. Feng Shui will open your eyes to the energy you never knew existed. Energy you can utilize to improve your health, relationships and fortune.

Before making any drastic changes, you need to study and understand the different Feng Shui elements and their meanings from Feng Shui symbols to Feng Shui colors and products. Once an understanding of Feng Shui and the different types have been achieved, you will know and understand why certain changes are necessary and why they are effective. You will be able to use Feng Shui color and Feng Shui products throughout your home that allows for positive energy to flow and create your own space of peace, harmony and tranquility.

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