How Feng Shui can Enhance your Love Luck

Like the wind that blows through the branches of a tree and breathes on every leaf, so too does energy from the universe flow through our lives and the spaces we inhabit. Feng Shui is the method through which your surroundings are furnished and arranged to aid the flow of positive energy called Chi, in your life. Everything in your home has some kind of energy of its own, often not positive, and this energy influences the things that happen in your life or the good and bad that you attract. By keeping your space and surroundings clutter free and placing certain objects in certain places, you can enhance the flow of positive energy in your life.

From the masters of Feng Shui comes not only advice and wisdom on utilizing positive energy in your professional life, but also in your love life.

Start by clearing your bedroom. Clutter creates confusion and chaos and makes it impossible for positive energy to flow freely. Throw out all those little mini statues and ornaments that you’ve had since your childhood and can hardly remember who they were from. They are only obstructing the energy flow. Create open clear spaces to fill up with fresh new, positive energy. (More tips on Feng Shui Bedroom.)

For romance to soar and prospective suitor’s to knock on your door, you need to make space available for a second person. You need to make room for someone else who will be part of your life. Clear out a couple of drawers and hang a few empty hangers in your closet. If your life and environment is filled only with your own things, there can never be place for anyone else’s. Leave a place in your bookcase for a prospective partner’s books, an extra toothbrush in your bathroom or his and hers towels. Try to create a balance in your surroundings between the yang chi of the masculine and the yin chi of the feminine. When all that is done, stand back and envision your future partner in your space with you. Use a Wishfulfilling Jewel (Pink) for Recognition and Love 120mm to help you focus.

Bring Feng Shui color into your room. This is the space you are going to spend plenty of romantic hours in. You need to fill it with the color of romance and love. Attract a gentle loving partner with soft pink, coral and salmon shades or a more passionate lover with bold red, burgundy and crimson shades if adventure is what you’re after. More on Feng Shui Color.

Avoid doing any kind of physical exercise in your bedroom. This is not the place for exerting energy and working out. Your relationship might suffer and you could constantly feel as if you are working harder and harder to maintain the relationship. Store all your exercise equipment in another part of your home and out of the bedroom.

Remove anything in your room or immediate environment that relates to a lonely figure. Whether a painting or figurine or solitary statue, no matter how beautiful they are, they are subconsciously blocking your way to love. The power of the subconscious mind is extraordinary so remove those lonely figures and replace them with Feng Shui love symbols or romantic pictures of couples in love, a pair of carps, a pair of mandarin ducks or the double happiness symbol. This will make you much more receptive to finding your true love.

Past relationships are exactly that – past. They do not belong in the future and a relationship that did not work out need be no reminder to you at all. Remove old love letters, gifts, card and photographs of past relations, no matter how long ago or how well you’ve parted. Sentiment is not going to help you create positive energy and find love in your life.

More Feng Shui tips for Love

Activate your Peach Blossom Luck with your Peach Blossom animal based on your Chinese horoscope sign. This is a powerful Feng Shui formula to enhance love luck recommended by Feng Shui grandmaster Lillian Too – world’s best selling Feng Shui author.

Peach Blossom Rat on Treasure Box
Peach Blossom Rabbit on Treasure Box
Peach Blossom Horse on Treasure Box
Peach Blossom Rooster on Treasure Box
Horse Peach Blossom Amulet
Rabbit Peach Blossom Amulet
Rat Peach Blossom Amulet
Rooster Peach Blossom Amulet
Bejewelled Peach Blossom Horse

If possible, replace old hardback chairs with soft love seats, chairs and sofas. Hard chairs with straight backs send out a message of unwillingness to commit or that a love interest should back away. Soft comfortable seating, arranged in a way that looks cozy and warm, will attract a partner who will want to spend time in your company as you’ll be sending out signals that you are ready for a relationship.

If your bed is against a wall on the one side, move it to the middle of the room. Any prospective partner who will be sleeping in that cramped corner, will soon feel suffocated and boxed in. A bed with equal space on both sides will attract positive energy and a partner to share your space. Create a soft atmosphere by avoiding bright and fluorescent light in your bedroom and opt rather for softer warmer tones. (More on Feng Shui for Bedroom.)

Activate the Southwest corner of your house, bedroom or office with Feng Shui products for love such as the Feng Shui Locks, Feng Shui Combs, a pair of Mandarin Ducks, Mystic Knot, Double Happiness symbol and crystals such as Rose Quartz. The Southwest is the universal love corner based on Feng Shui Bagua formula. You can place these enhancers by your bedside too.

You should also place love enhancers in the sector where the #4 Romance Star flies into. This Flying Star brings love luck and marriage luck and is said to be very powerful when activated.

Happy Marriage Comb

At the same time, wear some love and romance enhancing Feng Shui jewelries to improve your attractiveness and networking luck:

Amethyst Rose Crystal Pendant
Labrodorite Rose Crystal Pendant

Don't leave any space un-enhanced to maximize your love luck. These hangings are perfect for your car's rearview mirror, mobile phone or handbag, or as keys holder.

Happy Marriage Comb Keychain
Romance Comb Keychain
Harmony Lock Amulet Keychain
Marriage Lock Amulet Keychain

Carry or wear these protection amulets if your existing relationship or marriage is threatened by a third party, or as a preventive measure:

Fox for Mesmerizing Love Pendant
Obsidian Fox for Mesmerising Love Pendant
Agate Fox Pendant for Infidelity Protection

If you can imagine yourself being a river, then imagine flowing through your home. Start at your front door. You should be able to flow freely without any obstacles in your way towards your bedroom. Remove any furniture or plants that might prevent the free flow of Chi to your room. Allow fresh air and fresh energy to find its way to your bedroom from your front door. (More Feng Shui tips for bedroom)

Because your bedroom is the place of rest and romantic love, you don’t want to share it with your family. Keep photographs of your parents, brothers or sisters in another part of the house where their energy will enhance other aspects of your life. Even the pretty picture or artwork that a child has given you, could affect your love life so it would be best to keep them elsewhere. (More tips on Bedroom Feng Shui)

If your life is lacking in romance and love, or if you are keen to find a soulmate, try to sleep with your head pointing toward your Nien Yen direction. According to Feng Shui Kua formula, Nien Yen is the direction that brings good luck in love relationship luck.

When all this is done in your home, energy should be flowing freely and unbridled from all that you have moved and changed, and eventually enhance your romantic chi. It might also be wise to Feng Shui other parts of your environment to create balance in all aspects of your life.

Expand your Feng Shui knowledge. Read about Feng Shui for the office, Feng Shui for the bedroom and Feng Shui home and start living in harmony with everything around you.

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