Rabbit on the Moon

Rabbit on the Moon
Rabbit on the Moon Rabbit on the Moon Rabbit on the Moon
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Weight : 1,990.00g ( 4.39 lbs)
Dim: 8x2.75x7.5 in (20.3x7x19 cm)
Material: Glass

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Couples who have been unsuccessfully in starting a family would definitely benefit from the rabbit on the moon energy.

An absolutely beautiful figurine of a rabbit made of colorful glass depicted sitting in a garden of rose flowers on the moon. The energy of the Moon Rabbit has been associated with the eternal cycle of conception and birth. Ancient Chinese legend has it that the Rabbit could become pregnant simply by basking in the bright lights of a full moon. Images of rabbits or hares are often found during Chinese mid-autumn or Moon Festivals, where they symbolizes the feminine power of yin, longevity and fertility.

Place this enhancer in your bedroom or the east sector of your living room to promote fertility and descendant luck. This Feng Shui product will increase the luck to conceive.

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