Trio Of Lions Charms

Trio Of Lions Charms
Trio Of Lions Charms Trio Of Lions Charms
SKU: SKU5625
Weight : 100.00g ( 0.22 lbs)
Dim: 1x1.125x0.125 in, Lgth 10 in (2.5x3x0.3 cm, 25 cm)
Material: Metal

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In Chinese tradition, the Chinese Lions, or Tzi Chi Kau are used to commemorate important occasions such as the launch of new business or shop. Carrying the Trio of Lions Charms with Drums bring you wonderful energies of celebration and joy, and symbolizes getting yourself onto the “Honor Roll”. It is also said to dissolve any negative energies that are present and at the same time attract heavenly blessings.

This Feng Shui activator is perfect for anyone needing recognition luck and is especially helpful for students and young people aspiring to make their mark on the world. These lions are also effective for anyone who needs their work to get recognised, or who wishes to drum up support for an idea.

Featuring the popular Chinese phrase Tai Kat Tai Lay that means "Big Auspicious or Abundance of Fortune comes in a Big Way", the Trio of Lions Charms is also a great enhancer for the Big Auspicious Stars!

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