Treasure Chest Dharani

Treasure Chest Dharani
Treasure Chest Dharani Treasure Chest Dharani Treasure Chest Dharani
SKU: SKU4764
Weight : 1,100.00g ( 2.43 lbs)
Dim: 2.875x2.5x7.875 in (7.5x6.5x20 cm)
Material: Metal

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Those who want to participate in the overflowing financial and prosperity luck of the year 2019 - the best is to display the Treasure Chest Dharani in the South corner, or on your table in the center of your home, and shine a bright light over it. If possible, put it near you.

Great effort went into designing this lovely Treasure Chest Dharani and it shows in its intricate decorations and colors. In feng shui culture, the Dharani is used to attract wealth and prosperity luck, helping bring confidence that you will not want for anything in life. This is such a good way to live as it ensures that you will always enjoy good times and succeed at whatever you set out to do. 

Display the Treasure Chest Dharani in the wealth corner or the sector where the #8 Wealth Star resides to magnify its power. The #8 flies into the Center in the year 2019, NW in 2020 and West in 2021.

Fill the secret compartment with your wishes or crystal chips and gold ingots and coins to further empower it.

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