Nine Feng Shui Coins Tassel

Nine Feng Shui Coins Tassel
Nine Feng Shui Coins Tassel
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Weight : 40.00g ( 0.09 lbs)
Dim: 0.875x5.25 in, 14.5 in lgth (2.2x13.3 cm, 36.8 cm)
Material: Brass

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This Nine Coins tassel is auspicious because 9 is the number signifying the unity between heaven and earth.

For many centuries, Chinese coins have been a very desirable symbol, signifying prosperity and owning many riches. The coins from the Ching Dynasty, the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history, are the most highly valued. Coins used during the reign of the emperors Kang Ksi or Chien Long are also highly revered, and said to be more auspicious than others. The coins were also used to protect these emperors from any bad intents by others, and so are today used as amulets against harm.

The Chinese coin itself has an interesting design and depiction; because it is round, with a square-shaped hole in the center, it is said to be a representation of earth surrounded by heaven. It is for this reason that, when utilized by humans, they are an emblem of the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man”. The coin has two sides; The Yang side, which boasts the four Chinese signs of the emperor’s reign, and the Yin side, which features 2 characters. The coins are often held on red or gold string, according to auspicious Chinese numbers, each having its own meaning: three (the harmony of heaven, earth and humankind), six (symbolism of heaven luck) or nine (the entirety of the universe).

The set of Nine Emperor Feng Shui Coins is auspicious in Chinese culture and Feng Shui following because nine is the number signifying the wholeness of the universe, and the unity between heaven and earth. All coins in this set of nine are moulded out of brass; this fine metal is said to induce a state of prosperity, due to their potent Metal element energy.

There are many coins in sets of nine which can be used to full effect. Some of these, from powerful ancient dynasties since the time of the Ching reign, are Shun Chi (1644 – 1661), Kang Hsi (1661 – 1722), Yung Cheng (1723 – 1735), Chien Lung (1736 – 1796), Chia Ching (1796-1820), Tao Kwong (1820-1850), Shen Fung (1850-1861), Tung Chi(1862-1874) and Kwong Shui coins (1875-1908). These auspicious coins come from these eras and not before, because Feng Shui experts state that before this time, the emperors were not powerful, due to the fact that their reigns suffered an untimely end under poor leadership.

There are many ways in which the set of Nine Emperor Feng Shui Coins can be used to reap its rewards:

1) Attaching this thread of coins on all business-related items, such as cheque or bank books, invoice pads, important documents or work portfolios is said to serve to enhance your business luck and provide successful endeavours.

2) Attaching the Nine Emperor Feng Shui Coins to all business-related hardware, with the Yang side facing up, such as printers, fax machines or telephones, is believed to open up the line for more customers.

3) To stimulate the effects of the wealth corner, hang the Nine Emperor Feng Shui Coins in the Southeast sector or you living room, bedroom or work place.

4) The Northwest sector is the controller of all Mentor Luck (Feng Shui Bagua); placing this lucky charm in this sector will give you the support you need to be successful in your career.

5) Hang or attach these Feng Shui coins behind your work desk or area, as this is said to help you gain both influence over colleagues, as well as blessings from the 9 Emperors.

6) This Feng Shui product can be utilized as a bookmark, for those who are seeking to improve their studies to accomplish greater heights in academia.

7) These coins can be used as a repressor for the evil effects of the Illness Flying Star #2 (which brings diseases and death), and of the #5 Yellow Flying Star (Disaster Star which causes misfortunes and accidents).

8) When this Feng Shui product is displayed above the main entrance to your home, it's believed that you will be able to receive the benefits of climbing to greater heights in your career and inviting prosperity into the household.

9) To repress evil energy that is the origin of accidents and death, hang the Nine Coins tassels from the rear-view mirror of your vehicle. This will remove any bad chi from your travels, and allow for smooth sailing on all journeys.

The Chinese coins so should be cleansed every Lunar New Year. If you choose, you can place them in a singing bowl and refresh with incense, or you can simply purchase new sets as they are inexpensive.

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