8 Coins Feng Shui Tassel

8 Coins Feng Shui Tassel
8 Coins Feng Shui Tassel 8 Coins Feng Shui Tassel
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Weight : 35.00g ( 0.08 lbs)
Dim: Coin Dia. 1 in (2.5 cm)
Material: Brass

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This product attracts wealth from all the 8 cardinal directions. Eight coins are said to be have higher potency is Period of 8 which starts from year 2004 and ends 2024.

All coins in this set of eight are stamped out of brass; this fine metal is believed to induce a state of prosperity, due to their potent Metal element energy. The symbol of 8 is a very auspicious number to the Chinese because it sounds like "good fortune". It's also linked to the symbol of infinity - which represents unending of good things. This product attracts wealth from all the 8 cardinal directions. Eight coins are said to be have higher potency is Period of 8 which starts from year 2004 and ends 2024.

Feng shui coins are an ancient and traditional method of inviting wealth into your life in many ways and are a most effective protector of long-lasting finances. The auspicious symbol of the square inside of a circle on the feng shui coin is said to be a depiction of heaven surrounding earth. When we use them, it forms the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” or "Tien Di Ren" luck. There is both a yin side and a yang side on each coin which creates a harmonious balance of energy.

Feng Shui coins are sometimes tied with red or gold strings, or placed in wealth boats around the home. Each number of coins is said to have a different significance. Lillian too recommends hanging strings of feng shui coins on the inside of door handles to symbolize and encourage the presence of wealth in the home.

Because coins are very strong in metal energy, they function most strongly in the West, Northwest and North sectors of the home or office. There are all kinds of places you can tuck these feng shui coins to invite the great fortune of wealth luck into your life.


  1. Hiding Chinese coins all around the home, even hundreds of them is highly recommended in feng shui. They symbolism of living in a nest of brass coins is especially potent for those in the financial industry or in competitive business. This brass attracts the most desired breath of the dragon. Place the gold coins under all floor or wall boards, the feet of furniture or even on the foundation of your house if you are building a new home.
  2. Filling your wealth boats or vases with feng shui coins is very important for attracting long lasting wealth energy. These brass coins can also be displayed any objects you already have which is believed to attract wealth like Wealth gods, Money frogs, Pi Yao and other Wealth boat figurines.
  3. Placement in the West and Northwest sectors strongly activates the vibrance of the metal energy making them more powerful. These sectors govern descendant and mentor luck respectively.
  4. According to feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula burying a chest of feng shui coins in the Northwest sector of your yard or garden is a very auspicious action for benefitting the patriarch or father figure of the home and attracting the profits of mentor luck.   
  5. To stimulate the effects of the wealth corner, hang the Eight Feng Shui Coins Tassels in the Southeast sector or you living room, bedroom or work place. 
  6. These coins can be used as a repressor for the evil effects of the Illness Flying Star #2 (which brings diseases and death), and of the #5 Yellow Flying Star (Disaster Star which causes misfortunes and accidents).
  7. To repress evil energy that is the origin of accidents, hang the Eight Coins tassels from the rear-view mirror of your vehicle. This is believed to remove any bad chi from your travels, and allow for smooth sailing on all journeys.

Other  Feng Shui beliefs: keep a few feng shui coins in your wallet or purse and never run out of money, place them on or near your stock shares or account portfolio folder to invite windfall luck, display them on or under your telephone or fax machine so that sales keep pouring in, include a few in your safe or cash box or under your cash register to help keep them always fully loaded with dough. Or scatter them around your own particular god of wealth. You can’t go wrong including a few extra feng shui coins in your home or business space.

The Chinese coins so should be cleansed every Lunar New Year. If you choose, you can place them in a singing bowl and refresh with incense burning, or you can simply purchase new sets as they are inexpensive.

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