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Auspicious Brass Fuk Luk Sau with Wealth Pot and Kids (L)
Power-packed with good fortune Feng Shui symbols, this Fuk Luk Sau statue is truly rare and auspicio..
Brass Chinese Wealth God Holding Scroll
This Brass Wealth God is shown holding a Gold Ingot and a scroll with Chinese characters that reads ..
Brass Feng Shui Piyao Biting Coin Amulet
The Pi Yao is a very auspicious celestial creature believed to offer its owner a minimum of eight bl..
Brass Monkey With Stamp on Horse
While the Horse alone is a strong representation of business success and accelerated achievement, it..
Brass Wealthy Rat Family on Treasure
Display the Wealthy Rat Family on Treasure figurine during the Chinese New Year of the Rat 2020 to s..
Good Fortune Overflowing Wealth Brass Wealth Pot
This is a highly auspicious Wealth Pot made of brass depicted with overflowing riches and ..
Metal Feng Shui Stupa Amulet Hanging
This beautiful Buddhist Stupa keychain is specially designed to disperse bad affliction stars presen..
Rutilated Quartz Pi Yao Pendant with Adjustable Necklace
Pi Xiu (or Pi Yao) is a mystical good luck creature whose task is to provide the blessings of g..
Tibetan Dorje Vajra (L)
A beautiful Tibetan Dorje made of brass. In Buddhism the Dorje is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of th..
24k Gold Plated Hand-crafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 30gp
Perfect for those with discerning eyes for quality craft and makes a great gift for businessmen, CEO..
US$138.88 US$109.88
24k Gold Plated Hand-crafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 34gp
Perfect for those with discerning eyes for quality craft and makes a great gift for businessmen, CEO..
US$138.88 US$109.88
24k Gold Plated Hand-made Exquisite Wealth Ship 35gp
This exquisite wealth ship is made from high quality copper and plated in genuine 24k gold. This ..
US$138.88 US$109.88
24k Gold Plated Handcrafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 33gp
This is a superb replica of a historical European ship that can function perfectly as a wealth ship ..
US$138.88 US$109.88
3 Brass Coins knotted with Red Ribbon (Set of 3)
Attaching three Chinese coins to all prominent documents in your life will ensure a greater flow of ..
3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain
The Three Killings affliction creates setbacks and ruins reputation, causes monetary loss and brings..
US$22.88 US$19.88
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4 inch Luck Transforming Fan
A potent product used to propel away any bad luck, and replace it with good fortune and prosperity. ..
5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging
The Five Emperor Coins are tied with a special mystic knot, which symbolizes the multiplication of f..
6 Big Smooth Coins
This enhancer is used to activate heaven luck and to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Six bi..
6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque
This classy Heaven Prosperity giant coin plaque is designed to invite the wealth-bringing energy of ..
6 inch Five Element Pagoda
This 5 Element Pagoda was specially designed to weaken the evil effects of Flying Stars # 2 and # 5...
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6 inch Trinity Pagoda
In comparison to other Feng Shui cures, such as the wind chime or Wu Lou, the Feng Shui Master&..
6 Rods 3 Chi Lin Windchime with Mystic Knot
The wind chime, also known as the “magic bell” is acknowledged by many as the most poten..
8 Coins Feng Shui Tassel
This product attracts wealth from all the 8 cardinal directions. Eight coins are said to be have hig..
8 Inch Five Element Pagoda with Tree of Life
Those who sleep, study or work in the afflicted sector or those horoscope sign is afflicted MUST dis..
Abacus Keychain (s)
In Feng Shui, the Abacus is a symbol of prosperity and quick-thinking money-making strategies. In..
Antiquated Brass Money Frog with Child
This gorgeous Money Frog with Child is made of brass and has been treated to look beautifully aged a..
Antiquated Brass Trinket Box with 8 Auspicious Objects
This gorgeous trinket box is made of brass and has been treated to look beautifully aged and antiqua..
US$129.88 US$69.88
Antiqued Brass 9 Dragons Incense Burner (L)
In Feng Shui, it is said that when nine dragons come together, immense good luck and superlative goo..
Brass Celestial  Phoenix with Peony
The King of Birds, ancient Chinese people believed that the phoenix would appear in times of peace a..
Brass Chong Kwei the Exorcist
A gold-painted Chung Kwei statue holding bat and stepping on a demon. During ancient times, Chung..
Brass Dragon Coiling Sword
The Dragon Sword is a powerful taoist Feng Shui cure for evil forces and Shar Chi. This sword is oft..
Brass Dragon Tortoise with Chinese Emperor's Hat
This is a very unique brass Dragon Tortoise figurine that you cannot find anywhere else. The Dragon ..