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Horoscope & Feng Shui 2023 for Dog

Lunar Year born1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 and 2018. Those born in January or February should take particular note of when Chinese New Year falls to confirm their birth sign. Refer to our Horoscope Calendar.
Ruling Direction/DegreesNW1 (292.5 to 307.5)
Ruling ElementEarth
PersonalityThe Dog zodiac sign tends to be conservative in thought and action and they believe in justice. They may take some time to really get to know someone and create a friendship but once that friendship is established, they are sincere and enthusiastic. They are without pretense and very uncomplicated. The Dog listens well to the problems of others and will take on the sorrows or unhappiness of those they believe in, making them a good friend and someone who is well-liked and trusted.
Careerlaw, science, medicine, businessmen, teachers, activists, government agents.
Romancefaithful, protective, dedicated
Examples of famous/infamous peopleMadonna, Elvis Presley, Sylvester Stallone, Andrea Agassi, Cher, Michael Jackson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Carey, Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Judy Garland, Liza Minelli, Prince William, U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George W Bush.
CompatibilityHorse, Tiger
Secret FriendRabbit
Conflict AnimalDragon

Horoscope Forecast 2023 for DogDOG HOROSCOPE & FORTUNE FORECAST – 2023 OVERVIEW

In 2023, the Dog will experience a time of low chi, when misfortunate energies may cause you to stray from your intended path. If you're experiencing any of these, don't give up - you're on the right course. It is not advised to make dramatic adjustments in your direction right now. Keep moving forward with whatever you began last year is in your best interest.

This year, the Dog will need to use feng shui remedies and mental fortitude to overcome whatever challenges it faces. Dogs should also have a positive mentality and carry the Life Force and Spirit Essence amulets. It's important to have a positive outlook while avoiding any form of risk this year, particularly financial risk.

The year 2023 will be less focused on external success. If anything, this is the year to lay the groundwork for future success. Take time to learn new things, develop present abilities, or even take a year off to return to school.



According to the horoscope forecast for 2023, the Dog's life force and spirit essence still appear to be very weak. Y. Your strength of will and self-assurance will weaken as a result of this. There may be times when doubts start to sneak in. It makes you more susceptible to persuasion by others and more likely to give up at the first sign of difficulty. So, this year, you'll have to combat lethargy and apathy actively. The company you spend your time with is more important than you may realize, so stay away from those who bring you down. Keep a close eye on who you let into your inner circle. You must carry the Life Force Amulet or Spirit Essence Amulet with you. Display the Dragon and Horse Spirit Essence Enhancer in your home.

In 2023, you must also improve your really poor Success Luck. The most efficient tool for this job is the Joyous Windhorse or Bejewelled Flying Windhorse. Keep this Windhorse near to ensure that you can pursue your objectives efficiently and that you will not be defeated by the hurdles you face. Carry also the Windhorse Success Amulet or Joyous Windhorse Keychain.



With your sector's #5 misfortune (wu wang) causing you a lot of trouble in 2023 and your element luck being quite low, you should be very careful. Any area this star flies to is guaranteed to be met with formidable obstacles. Negative events may take the form of misfortunes like accidents, diseases, and letdowns, but they can also bring about massive financial losses and turn one's fortunes upside down.

The Five Yellow is the most dreaded of the feng shui afflictions. This dangerous star requires immediate attention and remedy. The Emerald Pagoda, the Heart Sutra Pagoda (8-Inch), the 6 Inch Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda or the 6 inch Five Element Pagoda, which you should position in the NW sector, is the best remedy to this year's wu wang. Carry the Emerald Pagoda With Om Ah Hum Amulet or Heart Sutra Pagoda Keychain. Wear the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold).

Keep a Five Element Pagoda Amulet Card in your wallet. Hang the Brass Wu Lou with Five Coins Tassel in your car.




The Star of Yearly Killings from the 24 Mountain Stars is another affliction that must be dealt with. This sends you a lot of very bad energy. It saps your strength, dampens your excitement, and opens the door to all sorts of damaging disunity in your relationships. It may disrupt the peace at home and lead to friction at work between co-workers, superiors, and subordinates. It distorts your view and increases the potential for miscommunication. Your sensitivity to the opinions of others and your susceptibility to a loss of self-assurance are both heightened under the influence of this star. It might lead you to misjudge someone's motives, which can escalate already volatile situations. Put the Yang Energy Amulet Plaque or Yang Energy Plaque With Phoenix in the Northwest to tame it. Carry the Travel Protection Amulet With 28 Hums.

The Sitting Three Killings is also included in your Feng Shui chart. In 2023, it will be important to position the Three Celestials Mirror, Protection Shield Against The 3 Killings or Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the West of your residences. Never forget that three distinct forms of disaster are associated with the 3 Killings. This jeopardizes your money, your loved ones, and your good name. In 2023, it's critical to make sure you are adequately protected against this affliction. DO NOT SIT with the Three Killings behind you, so DO NOT FACE EAST this year. Carry also the Three Celestials Mirror Amulet or 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Health LuckDogs aged 29, 41, and 89 are all in good health luck, while the 17 and 77-year-old have average health ratings.

The Health Luck of the 53 and 65 is quite poor, which serves as a warning to be cautious. There's no need to put yourself through unnecessary physical stress while also going on some wild adventure hunt. Do not take your health for granted.

A Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou, Medicine Buddha Plaque or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) should be placed in the East (where the annual illness star #2 has settled) to enhance your health luck for those with average or bad health rating.

You should also be carrying or wearing a health amulet: Wu Lou With Joyous Crane Keychain, Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet or Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet. Hang the Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging or Yellow Liuli Feng Shui Wulou Tassel in your car to make sure you are always protected from contagious illness qi wherever you travel.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Wealth LuckThe Dogs who are 29, 41, 65, or 89 years old should expect a prosperous year financially. This points to this being a good money-making year. If you invest carefully and strategically, you may be able to increase your wealth by 2023.

Dogs aged 53 have neutral money luck. It seems that your financial condition is not in immediate danger, and there is hope that it may improve.

77-year-old Dogs should not take any unnecessary financial risks this year because you have bad wealth luck. It's better to be safe than sorry.

For those with neutral and poor wealth ratings, display Feng Shui enhancers like the Treasure Chest Dharani, the Liu Li Wealth God with Wealth Bag, the Choy San, God Of Wealth, or the Rising Phoenix in your home to attract wealth luck.

It's highly recommended that you carry the Pak Choy Amulet Keychain, Sacred Resource Cow Keychain, Big Money Bull Amulet or Wealth Lock Amulet with you. Also, wear a Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Yellow Jasper Bracelet and hang the Jade Feng Shui Mystic Knot Tassel in your car. Even those with good wealth luck can use these enhancers to maximize their potential.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Career Luck17 years old - You should begin prioritizing your welfare in 2023. Maintaining a laser-like focus and a consistent pace of work throughout the year is strongly encouraged. Avoid procrastinating till the last minute because being unprepared is very stressful. There is no reason why you can't complete all of your goals for the year if you are able to maintain your focus. Carry the Wisdom Pagoda With Scholastic Talisman, Manjushri Wisdom Stupa Amulet or Wisdom Pagoda Gold Talisman Card

29 years old - You're at an age when change is possible and even encouraged, so if you want to try something new, by all means, do so! Your career and personal life both flourish this year, giving you a great sense of fulfillment.

41 years old - You can get side-tracked by new interests. Some may consider this a "mid-life" crossroads. If you're unhappy with the path you're on and want to make a change, this is the year to do it.

53 years old - Yes, you should exercise more caution when it comes to taking chances. Some of you may want to live a calmer life this year, but if you have goals in mind, be sure your intentions are clear. Your chances of success will increase by clearly defining your action plan. The Feng Shui Sky Porcupine is advantageous to this Dog.

65 years old - Pace yourself carefully to avoid exhaustion before the finish line. Activate your promising wealth luck by placing Feng Shui wealth boosters like the Liu Li Pak Choy with Money Frog and Ru Yi or Liu Li Glass Arowana for Abundance in the NW of your home.

77 years old - The best way to deal with the day-to-day is to let go of any worries and enjoy yourself. If necessary, you should reduce your travel and too busy lifestyle. Enjoy activities that need you to rely on your family and younger generations of descendants.

To enhance career luck and help you climb the corporate ladder using Feng Shui enhancers, display a Chi Lin/Dragon Horse or Dragon Tortoise near where you work, and carry a Jade Emperor Keychain or Sacred Resource Cow Keychain. We recommend the Wisdom Kwan Kung Mini Plaque, 24k Gold Plated Hand-crafted Exquisite Wealth Ship 32gp or Magnificent Kwan Kung With 5 Flags Plaque, and Dragon Carp Amulet for those running a business.



2023 Chinese Horoscope Love Luck2023 is not a good year for love for the Dog. Feelings of annoyance, irritation, and loss may arise due to your exposure to the Five Yellow in your Feng Shui chart, as well as the Yearly Killings and Three Killings from the 24 Mountains. Therefore, you are more prone to get quickly distracted and to behave impulsively, which may have a detrimental effect on your relationships in all areas of your life.

When it comes to love, don't expect everything to go swimmingly. There may be times when you will feel like giving up because of how tough things are. This is particularly true for those of you who are still looking for love, but even those who are already in committed relationships will find that life may throw some very rough curveballs at you from time to time. Remember that negative energy may obscure your ability to see the best in your companion. If you can work on being more patient and understanding, you just may win yourself a reliable ally.

Enhance your love and marriage luck by placing a Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love, Romance Comb or Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) in your bedroom.

If you are single and looking, or in a relationship, place a Peach Blossom Rabbit on Treasure Box, Bejewelled Peach Blossom Rabbit or Peach Blossom Animal - Rabbit in the East and carry the Rabbit Peach Blossom Amulet, Love Amulet with Moon Rabbit or Romance Comb Keychain to boost your love and romance luck.

Married couple should place the Happy Marriage Comb or Marriage Lock with Double Happiness in your bedroom and carry the Happy Marriage Comb Keychain to protect your marriage.


Three Horoscope Allies Amulet - Tiger, Horse & Dog or Rose Quartz Allies Mobile Hanging - Tiger, Dog and Horse, Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms, Three Sheep On A Mountain Amulet and 2023 Annual Amulet With 5 Stars are the MUST-HAVE lucky charms and protective amulets for Dog people in the year of the RABBIT 2023.

Feng Shui Kit 2023 for Dog
Three Celestials Mirror Amulet
Joyous Windhorse Keychain
Sky Porcupine
Ngan Chee Happy Buddha In Royal Purple



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