The Flying Star formula holds immense power in the realm of Feng Shui. As we approach the start of each year, one of our primary tasks is to analyze the Flying Star chart for the upcoming year. This Flying Star chart reveals which areas are favorable, which require remedies, and the strength of both positive and negative influences. In practising Feng Shui, our foremost strategy is to focus on defense before offense. It is crucial to address and rectify any afflictions before activating the stars that align with our goals and aspirations.

Attempting to activate positive aspects without remedying the negative ones is futile. Even with abundant good fortune, the impact of ill fortune cannot be ignored. Misfortune stemming from unfavorable stars can strike swiftly, making recovery difficult, especially when multiple misfortunes occur simultaneously. Therefore, our annual recommendations primarily revolve around addressing these afflictions first.

Starting from February 4th, 2024, we officially enter Period 9! The significance and interpretation of each Flying Star number vary depending on the Period we are in. During the final years of Period 8 (2000-2023), some changes in the nature of the stars have already begun to occur. Some stars gain strength as we approach the new cycle of chi, while others weaken or may even acquire different meanings. Period 9 will conclude on February 3rd, 2043.

In addition to the Annual Stars, there are Monthly Stars too that shift location monthly, and daily stars that change every day. If you want even more control of your destiny and luck, do sign up for our free newsletter so you are kept up to date with our monthly 2024's flying stars forecast.


2024 Flying Star Feng Shui chart shown below is the easiest and most popular way to understand the fundamental Feng Shui energy pattern of the year. It becomes effective on February 4, 2024.

Each of the nine Flying Star numbers (1 to 9) has its own energy, which can be auspicious, inauspicious or a mix of both.

To update and improve the time dimension Feng Shui of any building or built-up space, it is important that you activate the positive star numbers and suppress the negative numbers at the beginning of each year.

Superimpose the nine numbers of the year's chart below onto the floor plans of your home and office to see clearly the location of each Star in each of the nine sectors/rooms of your property. Do this on every floor level.

The most important rooms to enhance or protect are your bedroom, living room and the main entrance of your home.

In 2024, the good luck sectors of the year are East, Southwest, Northwest, North and Northeast. The bad stars numbers are 2, 3, 5 and 7 are in the Southeast, Center, West and South respectively.

To determine the facing direction of your home or office it is important that you use a reliable compass to make sure of the accuracy of sectors to be affected, and to determine where to place feng shui cures or enhancers correctly.

Annual 2024 Feng Shui Flying Star Chart above maps out the location of the lucky & unlucky sectors for the year of the DRAGON 2024

Superimpose the 2024 Flying Star chart onto your floor plan to clearly see the distribution of Flying Stars in your residence or office:

Keep in mind as you read each forecast, that the stars can have an effect on your life if any of the following situations apply to you:

1) The home/office facing that star’s direction. As an example, the #1 Star will affect everyone in the household in 2024 if your house faces East.

2) If your main entrance is located in the Star’s sector (example, the #2 Star affects everyone in the household if your main entrance is located in the Southeast sector, even if the property is facing a different direction i.e. East). Note that facing direction is different than location. Your maindoor's location may be in the SE, but it could be facing East (its direction). Do not be confused.

3) The location of your bedroom can be affected (good or bad) if it is located in a Atar’s sector. Here, the bedroom is blessed by the #6 Star.

4) The Star visits your Horoscope home location. If your animal sign, for example, is Rooster, the #5 Misfortune Star is in your location (West) and this can bring bad luck to you.

Horoscope SignHome LocationHoroscope SignHome Location

5) It’s also possible to determine how the stars affect the every member in the household. According to the Feng Shui Bagua Theory, each sector is associated with a family member. For example, the Southeast corresponds to the eldest daughter. In 2024, she is afflicted by the #2 Illness Star that flies into the Southeast this year.

Family MemberBagua DirectionFamily MemberBagua Direction
Middle SonNorthYoungest SonNortheast
Middle DaughterSouthPatriarchNorthwest
First SonEastFirst DaughterSoutheast
Youngest DaughterWestMatriarchSouthwest


Taking care of the negative Flying Stars each year is crucial for good Feng Shui. Implementing this practice is simple but significantly reduces the potential for misfortune and challenges. There's no reason to skip this if you follow Feng Shui principles. It's advisable to have all your Feng Shui cures in place before February 4, 2024, for the current year. However, placing your cures later can still yield positive results - better late than never.

The most effective approach is to address the negative stars before concentrating on fortifying the positive ones. It's advisable to replace the old Feng Shui remedies with a fresh set of products, as the previous ones may have absorbed and deflected negative energies over the past year, potentially losing their efficacy. Display the Tai Sui Plaque 2024, replacing the Tai Sui Plaque from 2023 after the onset of the new year.

Flying Star #5 in Southeast in 2024The WEST – Terrorized by the Malicious #5 Misfortune Star

In Period 9, the 5 Star, also called the Five Yellow or Wu Wang, remains an unlucky presence that brings all sorts of misfortunes. It's a star that needs to be carefully managed due to its strongDamaged by the #3 Quarrelsome Star energies. This particular star often leads to extremely negative and catastrophic outcomes. It can bring about fatal accidents, financial ruin, serious illnesses, depression, mental issues, betrayal within families or businesses, and unending problems. These are just a few examples of the troubles that this Misfortune Star can bring. It's crucial to be aware of its influence and take steps to control its impact to avoid such dire consequences.

In 2024, it has flown to the West affecting West-facing properties, Roosters, the youngest daughter and those with bedrooms or main doors located in the West.

The most effective approach to address the #5 Star is to leave it undisturbed and vacate affected rooms. If that is not feasible, it's crucial to use Feng Shui cures to suppress its effects.

The best 2024's Feng Shui cure for the #5 Misfortune Star is the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda. Alternatively you can use the Emerald Pagoda, Heart Sutra Pagoda (8-Inch) or 6 Inch Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda. Place the Feng Shui cure on every floor if you reside in a multi-story house. We also strongly recommend that you carry the White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda Amulet, White Umbrella Goddess Pagoda Amulet Feng Shui Keychain or Emerald Pagoda Keychain. Wear the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) or Jade Coin "Ping An Kou" Pendant.

 Keep a Five Element Pagoda Amulet Card in your wallet. Hang the Metal Feng Shui Stupa Amulet Hanging in your car.

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2024 Flying Star #2 in NorthThe SOUTHEAST – Sickened by the #2 Illness Star

Over the past two decades, the presence of the number 2 Sickness Star has instilled fear due to its association with severe illness, accidents, and sudden misfortune. However, in Period 9, thereInfected by the #3 Illness Star is a positive shift in the characteristics of this star number. The #2 star undergoes a transformation, diminishing its capacity to cause harm. Instead, its more benevolent qualities begin to emerge.

In Period 9, the #2 star starts to exhibit auspicious aspects, bringing forth good fortune in various forms, such as wealth luck. However, do note that despite its newfound auspiciousness, this chi is still relatively weak.

While this Star may not be as malicious in 2024 than previous years, those with underlying illness, poor life force or weak chi could still be vulnerable to its negative energy. The Star’s effects are made worse by the Robbery Star and Yin House brought by the 24 Mountains to the SE sector. Elderly people, those feeling unwell, pregnant ladies, or Dragon or Snake-born especially should avoid sleeping in a bedroom located in Southeast this year.

In 2024, the best Feng Shui cure for this Star in the SE is the Abundance Wu Lou. It not only controls the illness-bringing side of this Star, but also taps into its wealth-bringing aspect. Alternatively, you can also use the Healing Herbs and Longevity Wu Lou, Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) or Brass Herbal Wu Lou. Display the Blue Liuli Medicine Buddha or Medicine Buddha Plaque here if someone in your home is sick, has poor health luck or has low life force rating.

To dispel illness energies and promote well-being wherever you go, carry the Abundance Wu Lou Amulet, Healing Herbs And Longevity Amulet or Abundance Wu Lou Feng Shui Amulet Keychain for protection. If you prefer to wear a protective amulet, we suggest the Tibetan Longevity Dzi Bracelet.

Hang the Five Element Wulou Amulet for Health Luck or Metal Wulou with 5 Coins and Bells Hanging in your car to ensure protection wherever you travel. Keep Good Health Talisman Gold Card or God Of Longevity Metal Gold Card in your wallet.

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Flying Star #3 in Southwest in 2024The CENTER – Troubled by the #3 Hostile Star

In Period 9, the #3 Hostile Star maintains its strong negativity. This Star brings problems rooted in aggression and conflict, such as gossip, spreading rumors, disputes, betrayals, and legal battles.Troubled by the #3 Quarrelsome Star It is closely associated with misunderstandings and issues that arise when one loses their temper too quickly. Additionally, if the #3 Star appears at an unfavorable time, it can contribute to health issues related to the liver or limbs.

In the Year of the Dragon 2024, the #3 Quarrelsome Star dominates the annual Feng Shui Chart, affecting the harmony within households and potentially leading to conflicts among married couples and family members. This discord extends to workplaces, fostering an unpleasant environment with increased office politics, trust issues, and heightened competition among colleagues. The Star's negative influence may even extend to legal troubles, resulting in court cases and potential financial losses.

To mitigate these effects, it's crucial not to trigger the #3 Star by avoiding noise or activity in the central sector. Remove any windchime or stereos out of this area. To counter this Quarrelsome Star, the most effective Feng Shui cure in 2024 would be the 3 Harmony Animals, to be placed in the center. The ensemble comprises of the 8-Legged Lion, Fur-bearing Fish, and Makara Dragon. Their collective presentation symbolizes the convergence of three legendary beings originating from distinct lineages. They signify the resolution of disputes, pacification of tempers, and triumph over various conflicts. The 8-Legged Lion contributes to harmony, the Fur-Bearing Fish promotes composure, and the Makara Dragon serves to prevent the escalation of tempers beyond control.

Other Feng Shui cures you could use are the Pair of Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple, Trinity of Apples or Red Prosperity Elephant. You should also wear red items and carry the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet, 3 Harmony Animals Feng Shui Amulet Keychain or Trinity Of Apple Amulet to subdue it further.

The use of bright lights and red color in the Center can strengthen Fire energy and this will weaken the Wood of the 3.

Hang the Golden Tibetan Double Dorje Phurba Tassel or Colorful Liuli Laughing Buddha Tassel in your car for extra protection.

3 Harmony Animals Feng Shui Amulet Keychain

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Flying Star #7 in the Northwest in 2024The SOUTH – Broken in by the #7 Burglary Star

This year and the next 20 years pose increased danger and need for strong suppression when it comes to the #7 Loss Star. Already known for its harmful influence, the #7 Star intensifies its negativeAfflicted by the #7 Burglary Star effects in this period. It brings about financial losses, robberies, acts of violence, and betrayal. These detrimental consequences are further magnified as its chi nature transitions into a state known as "Killing Chi" in Period 9. The presence of the #7 Burglary/Violence Star heightens the risk of experiencing burglaries, being held hostage, blackmailed, or even encountering incidents of "bloodshed" such as accidents involving cuts, nicks, or bites. In extreme cases, it can even indicate the possibility of being a victim of murder. Health-wise, the #7 Star is associated with ailments that may require surgeries or operations, as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

In 2024, the #7 Robbery Star moves to the South, coinciding with the Direct Spirit of Period 9. This poses significant challenges to the financial well-being of households and the overall fortune of family members. The South, responsible for fame and recognition luck, becomes a focal point for monetary loss and reputational damage due to the #7 Star. The situation is exacerbated by the presence of the Natural Disaster Star and 3 Killings in the same sector, brought by the 24 Mountains.

The best Feng Shui Cure for the #7 Loss Star in 2024 is the Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff, to be placed in the South. Alternatively, you can place the Anti Burglary Plaque, Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn or Door Guardians With Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque. Carry also the Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet, Royal Elephant & Cosmic Rhino Amulet or Elephant and Rhinoceros Keychain, especially if your house faces South, you spend a lot of time in this sector, your main door is located here, or you're a Horse-born or the middle daughter.

You can wear a blue or black crystal like a Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) or Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Bracelet to weaken the energy of the #7.

For those in business and those with financial problems, it’s imperative you get yourself the Cash Flow Camels or Magnificent Kwan Kung With 5 Flags and place it in both your office and home. Carry also a Cash Flow Camel Amulet or Cash Flow Camels Amulet Keychain.

The Macaw serves as the guardian of the South, making it highly advisable to display the The Magic Macaw in this area during period 9. This not only safeguards the South but also activates its auspicious qualities as the location of the Direct Spirit. It enhances opportunities and promotes the growth and preservation of wealth.

Hang a Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet or Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet or display a Blue Rhinocerous and Elephant on Water in your car for protection against accidents while on the road. Use the Blue Elephant and Rhino Car Stickers (2 Pieces) or Burglary Prevention Window Stickers (2 Pieces) on the windows. Keep Anti-Robbery Protection Card or Door Guardians With Ksitigarbha Staff Card in your wallet.

Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff
Elephant and Rhinoceros With Ksitigarbha Staff Amulet
Door Guardians With Ksitigarbha Staff Plaque
Blue Liuli Rhinoceros and Elephant
Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet
Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet

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In Flying Star Feng Shui, the sectors where the lucky Stars reside should be activated and energized to maximize good fortune to the resident influenced by them. This can be done by using our recommended enhancers and spending plenty of time and creating yang energy in these sectors. This will serve to significanty enhance your good fortune and luck!

2024 Flying Star #9 in NortheastThe SOUTHWEST – Amplified by Current Prosperity from the # 9 StarFuture Prosperity from the # 9 Star

In Period 9, the number 9 will experience a significant boost in strength and auspiciousness as it becomes the Star of Current Prosperity, bringing good fortune for the next 20 years. Over the past two decades, this Star number has been a harbinger of future prosperity and has been in a phase of growth and anticipation. However, in Period 9, the number 9 takes center stage as the number representing the period itself. It has fully matured, amplifying its auspicious effects and its ability to magnify other energies. Undoubtedly, the number 9 holds the highest level of auspiciousness in Period 9, the "luckiest" number that brings wealth, abundance and affluence.

The #9 Star signifies promotions, good tidings, significant events, and positive news. It radiates popularity, brilliance, beauty, warmth, and glory. Moreover, it symbolizes clarity, passion, and expressive skills. Individuals influenced by this star are often inclined to showcase their talents to the world, seeking attention for their abilities and aiming to make an impact.

To fully reap its benefits, it is essential to activate this type of energy. Display the 9 Dragon Plaque In Royal Blue, The Magic Macaw, Red Arowana, Nine Rank Badge Plaque In Royal Blue & Gold, The Lucky 9, or the Money Frog In Lilypad in the SW. Carry the "Winning Cards" Windfall Amulet or The Lucky 9 Charm Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to capture the #9 Star wherever you go.

Add lights to the SW sector as the intrinsic element of #9 is Fire. Invite the Period 9 Windhorse or Rising Phoenix home to ensure a seamless transition into the new Period of Fire, besides attracting success and new wealth.

For personal adornment and on-the-go blessings, wear the 9 Eye Tibetan Old Dzi Bead Pendant and carry the Red Phoenix Wealth Wallet. Hang the Nine Feng Shui Coins Tassel in your car.

The Lucky 9
Money Frog In Lilypad
The Lucky 9 Amulet
Red Phoenix Wealth Wallet
9 Dragon Plaque In Royal Blue
The Magic Macaw

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Flying Star #1 in South in 2024The EAST – Blessed by the #1 Victory Star

The Victory Star, number 1, brings forth triumph, success, and fresh opportunities. In this period 9, it has entered a state of "Growing" or "Sheng" chi, further amplifying its auspiciousness. All itsGraced by #1 Victory Star positive qualities are heightened. Apart from being a symbol of victory, the number 1 now also assumes the role of the Star of Future Prosperity, replacing the number 9. It attracts the blessings of fame and fortune, providing a decisive advantage and winning luck in competitions. Additionally, it manifests the fortunes of reputation, good name, status, recognition, and robust health. Those who are ambitious, in cutthroat business, sportsmen and young people in school should pay attention to this Star. Do sleep here or spend more time doing your work in this sector as it can help you climb the career ladder.

Endeavors should be undertaken to activate this star's positive energies whenever it appears, more so when this year its Water energy is weakened by the Wood energy of the East sector. Display the Prosperity Flag With Dragon, Rooster With Dragon Tortoise, Period 9 Windhorse or Sky Horse With Flag Of Success in the East to strengthen it and boost victory luck. You can also use the Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) or Colorful Liuli Victory Banner.

To harness the positive energy of this Star for overcoming career and business challenges, and to boost your winning luck in whatever your pursue be it in relationship or a competition, carry items like the Prosperity Flag With Dragon Amulet, Sky Horse Amulet or Joyous Windhorse Keychain.

Prosperity Flag With Dragon
Prosperity Flag With Dragon Amulet

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2024 Flying Star #8 in WestThe NORTH – Visited by the #8 Wealth Star in 2024

In 2024, the cherished number 8 finds itself gradually losing its vitality. Its energy is waning, and certain negative aspects are starting to surface. While the #8 Wealth Star brought prosperity,Blessed by the #8 Wealth Star income, and immense wealth during Period 8, it now finds itself in a state of "declining" chi in Period 9. In this state, it can pose obstacles to success and give rise to various health issues. Therefore, it is prudent to approach this star number with caution, as it requires Feng Shui activation and remedies.

When the #8 Star is in a timely and auspicious state, it signifies a financial upswing, fostering a sense of prosperity. However, when it becomes untimely, it can indicate money-related problems such as excessive frugality, being overly calculative, and a tendency to be tight-fisted. In terms of health, a negative influence from the #8 Star suggests lingering or long-term illnesses that are bothersome but typically not life-threatening. These ailments are often associated with the back, spine, nose, and extremities like the fingers.

The best Feng Shui wealth activators for the #8 Wealth Star in 2024 is the Buckets Of Gold & Good Fortune, the Cash Flow Camels, the Azure Dragon With Waves, the Water Wave With Purple Pearl or the Young Green Dragon. Place them in the North. You can also display the Treasure Chest Dharani or Big Money Bull with Wealth Yantra here to help you capture the Wealth energies of the #8. We highly recommend you to carry the Cash Flow Camel Amulet, Traditional Wealth Lock Coin, Water Wave with Pearl Amulet or Padlocks Of Wealth.

Hang the Yellow Liu li Wealth Bag with Piyao Tassels or the Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel in your car. Wear a Tibetan Dzi Bead with High Grade Citrine Bracelet, A Pair of 925 Silver Pi Yao with Top Grade Citrine Bracelet or Ammonite Ammolite Pendant, and keep the Wealth Talisman Gold Card or God Of Wealth Metal Gold Card in your wallet to enhance your income and money luck.

Maintain this area clutter-free to facilitate the accumulation of prosperity energy. Additionally, infuse it with yang energy through frequent human activities. If your main door faces North, ensure it is well-lit and open it as much as possible to allow the auspicious chi of #8 to flow freely.

Buckets Of Gold & Good Fortune
Cash Flow Camels
Azure Dragon With Waves

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2024 Flying Star #4 in EastThe NORTHWEST – Graced by the #4 Relationship/Romantic/Scholastic StarLove and Education Luck from the #4 Peach Blossom Star

When a star number enters the phase of the cycle known as "Dead chi," it indicates danger and decay, signifying the absence of life and progress. During this phase, the energy of the Star has ceased to exist. Currently, one of the two Stars in Period 9, known as #4, is in this state of chi. While it retains its auspicious nature, it requires strong activation to unlock its potential for good fortune. Overcoming this state of chi is not challenging, as dead chi can be easily revived.

The #4 Green Star represents the wisdom and scholar star. It embodies the ideals of learning, beauty, and accomplishment through scholarly or literary pursuits. This star is associated with academia and studying, making it ideal for the study room or for students preparing for exams. Additionally, the #4 Star benefits authors, academics, and individuals involved in creative and artistic endeavors such as writing, screenplays, music, and other forms of expression. It symbolizes financial success derived from these ventures. The #4 Star is particularly relevant for young people embarking on their life journey, emphasizing the importance of acquiring new skills. To activate this Star, we recommend placing the Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque, Bejeweled 7-Storey Feng Shui Pagoda, Colorful Liuli 9 Level Pagoda or Manjushri Plaque in the NW. Students dedicated to their studies or young individuals embarking on their professional journeys should also be carrying the Eagle Scholastic Amulet, Scholar With Eagle Amulet or Dragon Carp Amulet.

Love and Education Luck from the #4 Peach Blossom StarFurthermore, the #4 Star brings forth positive relationships and romance, both in personal and professional contexts. As a result, it favors businesses that focus on relationship-building, such as sales, marketing, and public relations. For improved networking luck and fostering harmony, we suggest placing the Cardinal Connectivity Activator in the NW of your home or office. This enhances wealth, growth luck, and attracts new opportunities. Additionally, carrying Cardinal Connectivity Activator Charms or Four Friends Talisman can help attract beneficial allies wherever you go.

It also favors those looking for a life partner. Place a Bejewelled Mandarin Duck, Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love or Romance Comb here if you’re looking for a soulmate. Carry also the Padlocks Of Love or Romance Comb Keychain. To protect your marriage and foster love bonds between spouses, place the Double Happiness Vase With Lilies or Happy Marriage Comb in the NW. If you have concerns about your partner potentially engaging in or being pursued by a third party, carry the Happy Marriage Comb Keychain, Padlocks Of Harmony or Marriage Lock Amulet Keychain for protection.

Scholar With Eagle Mini Plaque
Scholar With Eagle Amulet
Eagle Scholastic Amulet
Padlocks Of Harmony
Padlocks Of Love

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2024 Flying Star #6 in CenterThe NORTHEAST – Bestowed with the #6 Heavenly Star

In this new period 9, the Star number #6, like the #4 Star, finds itself in the phase known as "Dead chi." Despite its auspicious nature, it requires strong enhancement to bring its energies back toBlessed by the #6 Heaven Star life and unlock its potential for good fortune.

The #6 White Star embodies authority, power, and status. It represents the recognition and influence that can be attained through climbing the corporate ladder or holding positions of tenure in public service.

The Heavenly Star #6 also brings forth celestial blessings, windfalls, and the fortunate presence of mentors and benefactors. This Star number facilitates support that may not be immediately apparent, enhancing networking luck, strengthening alliances, and attracting individuals who can provide significant assistance. It brings the kind of luck where everything falls into place. In the year 2024, it flies into the NE sector.

During Period 9, it is essential to awaken this star. This can be accomplished by infusing the NE part of your home with activity. Organize parties, fill the space with music, and actively utilize the area. By bringing the #6 Star to life, you open the door to numerous opportunities and possibilities. Place the Tai Kat Tai Ley Big Auspicious Enhancer, Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball or 6 Coins Ruler in the Northeast.

Carry the Feng Shui Heaven Seal Talisman and display the Rising Golden Dragon Holding A Pearl in NE to capture good opportunities and assistance from cosmic forces. Carry the "Winning Cards" Windfall Amulet or Windfall Luck Amulet, and display the Windfall Luck Activator for enhanced speculative and big windfall luck! Ambitious individuals should keep the Nobleman Gui Ren Talisman or Jade Emperor Keychain close and display the Gui Ren Plaque to attract powerful mentor luck. In the workplace, the awakened #6 Star garners the support of superiors and influential individuals. For business professionals, it aids in establishing a valuable network of support at all levels of their endeavors.

NE-facing homes, the youngest son and Ox and Tiger-born will especially enjoy the positive influences of this benevolent star, so are those who sleep, work or have a maindoor here. You can also wear the Big Man Tibetan Dzi Bead. Many wonderful opportunities will sure to come their way to you.

Hang the 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging or Six Coins Feng Shui Tassel in your vehicle.

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Every year, the Three Killings shifts to a different cardinal direction, and in 2024, it has taken its place in the SOUTH. The Three Killings, or San Sha in Chinese, is traditionally associated with causing three types of losses: financial setbacks, damage to one's reputation, and the potential loss of a loved one. The positive aspect is that addressing the Three Killings is a relatively straightforward task – placing the Three Celestials Mirror, Protection Shield Against The 3 Killings, Golden Three Divine Guardians with Implements for 3 Killings or Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians in the South can help appease and control its influence. Those born in the Year of the Horse, individuals with the status of the middle daughter, and those with bedrooms, main doors, or living rooms in the affected sector are advised to carry protective amulets like the Three Celestials Mirror Amulet, 3 Celestials Protection Shield Amulet or 3 Celestial Guardians with Implements Keychain.

It is crucial to AVOID DIGGING OR MAKING NOISE in the South during 2024. Even if you have already implemented cures in the South, refraining from digging or renovating in the South area is essential. This caution applies to the Southern part of your garden, the South corner of your home, and the South corners of each room. Engaging in digging, construction noise, or renovations in the South can exacerbate the negative effects of the Three Killings. Postpone any plans for renovation in the South until the following year. Additionally, it's advisable to AVOID SITTING WITH YOUR BACK FACING SOUTH to minimize the impact of the Three Killings.


The Tai Sui resides in the SE1 sector in 2024. The area should be kept as peaceful as possible. Properties that face SE or whose front door is in theSE must use extra caution against slamming a door, and renovations should not be carried out in the SE sector. Disturbed, it can cause the wrath of the God of the Year and bring you endless troubles and bad luck.

It’s advised to avoid facing the SE direction as this will be confronting him and will incur his anger - to avoid risk or loss, obstacles and defeat. Instead, sit with your back to his direction and the Tai Sui will have your back, giving you support. Carry the Tai Sui Amulet 2024 and keep a Tai Sui Card 2024 in your wallet. Wear a Pi Yao pendant or bracelet. Display the Tai Sui Plaque 2024 to garner his support and Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Winged Pi Yao in the SE to appease him. Find out what other Feng shui cures to appease Tai Sui in the year 2024.


The Sui Po Year Breaker takes up the position opposite the Tai Sui Grand Duke, which in 2024 is the NW sector. Avoid doing renovations in the area or any other noise-producing activities. Should the sector be disturbed it could lead to health problems, especially for those who are elderly.

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