Heaven Seal Talisman

Heaven Seal Talisman
Heaven Seal Talisman
SKU: SKU5695
Weight : 60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dim: 1.75x2.125x0.125 in, Lgth 5.125 in (4.4x5.4x0.3 cm, 13.0 cm)
Material: Metal

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Tap into the potent energies of the Earth Seal and Heaven Seal to attract boundless good fortune.

The Heaven Seal Amulet proudly showcases the revered Jade Emperor, known for bestowing profound wisdom, intuition, and the luck of influential mentors and supportive individuals into one's life. By carrying this amulet, you invite heavenly luck to manifest wonderful new opportunities that you can easily benefit from. It is used to harness the auspiciousness of the #6 Heavenly Star.

In the upcoming year of the Dragon 2024, the Heaven Seal aligns with the NW sector, which is the Boar's home location.

Embrace the positive energies of the Heaven Seal Talisman and allow it to unlock the pathway to success and prosperity in all aspects of your life. Seize the favorable opportunities that come your way with the wisdom and guidance of the Jade Emperor by your side.

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