Abundance Wu Lou

Abundance Wu Lou
Abundance Wu Lou Abundance Wu Lou
SKU: SKU5683
Weight : 820.00g ( 1.81 lbs)
Dim: 2.75x2.75x6.75 in (7x7x17 cm)
Material: Metal

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Experience the blessings of good health luck and a fulfilled life with the magnificent Abundance Wu Lou adorned with the mystical implements of the 8 Immortals. Each implement represents a specific type of goodness that enters your life, symbolizing an abundance of positive attributes.

The sword embodies strength, the lotus flower signifies virtue, the flute resonates with harmony, the flower basket represents beauty, the fan offers protection, the castanets exude power, the long bamboo "fish drum" symbolizes longevity, and the Wu Lou signifies good health.

In 2024, the Illness Star #2 manifests in the Southeast. However, it is worth noting that in Period 9, the #2 star also brings wealth when properly activated. Place it here to invite its profound energies into your life

This Wu Lou serves as a conduit for longevity, good health luck, and a complete life enriched with happiness and good fortune. 

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