Azure Dragon With Waves

Azure Dragon With Waves
Azure Dragon With Waves Azure Dragon With Waves Azure Dragon With Waves
SKU: SKU5684
Weight : 3,000.00g ( 6.61 lbs)
Dim: 6.75x5x5.75 in (17x13x15 cm)
Material: Metal

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The Celestial Dragon holds great significance in Chinese culture, symbolizing power, wealth, charisma, abundance, and divine blessings from above.

This depiction of the Azure Dragon, the companion of White Dzambala, the Buddha of Wealth, carries immense meaning. White Dzambala is renowned for alleviating the suffering caused by poverty, attracting new wealth, and unlocking hidden talents and treasures.

Featuring waves of water, this Feng Shui activator serves a dual purpose. Not only does it replenish the absence of the Water element in the 2024 Feng Shui chart, but it also teases out the hidden Water energy necessary to manifest prosperity in the year. Water is associated with wealth luck in 2024 and by harmonizing this element, the Feng Shui activator facilitates the actualization of financial abundance.

Embrace the powerful energies of the Azure Dragon With Waves and the blessings it represents. Allow this Feng Shui product to enhance your connection to wealth, empower your hidden potentials, and invite the flow of prosperity into your life.

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