Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success

Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success
Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success Brass Galloping Feng Shui Horse for Success
SKU: SKU2691
Weight : 2,100.00g ( 4.63 lbs)
Dim: 9x2.75x9 in (23x7x23 cm)
Material: Brass

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This handsome-looking horse in a striking pose of victory is a representation of confidence, vitality and success. As if taking flight and reaching for the sky, this figurine symbolizes achieving greater heights and the upwardly-mobile career path. Because the Horses are an icon of authority, endurance and perseverance, they are a highly regarded auspicious symbol in Feng Shui, allowing the beholder to sprint stably through any obstacle in the journey of life.

In Feng Shui, the horse is a popular figure to display or hang in the home. Paintings and figurines can often be found placed around houses all across Asia. It is a symbol of success, strength, loyalty, conquest and confidence, and having it present in the home or office will enhance the traits of household members belonging to the year of the Horse. 

In a Feng Shui shop, you can often find Horse figurines classified into two types; the Tribute Horse and the Victory Horse. In olden-day China, the Tribute Horse was widely given as a gift, because it was a symbol of redemption, given to people of power, such as emperors, by those who had been defeated in war. The Tribute Horse was also a representation of being lavish and well-off; they were always adorned with gold ingots, gemstones, and luscious robes. In Feng Shui, the Tribute Horse is used to overcome competitors’ bad intents and remain successful, getting your efforts and endeavours recognized and rewarded.

The Victory Horse is always portrayed as galloping or rearing; they symbolize the upwardly-mobile and career promotions, because of the way they are facing the sky. Sometimes, birds are seen at their hooves, which shows that the horse can gallop at the same speed at which the birds fly - which represent accelerated achievement. The Victory Horse is pursued by businessmen and those climbing the career ladder, because it is an icon of a speedy success and the fast track to fame. According to Lillian Too, famous Feng Shui author, the Horse should be placed upon a table which is three feet high; this will provide victory over competitors as well as providing you with the equipment to excel.

The Horse is best placed in the South sector because its inherent element is fire. When placed in the South corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of a room, the Horse is said to best benefit to bring fame, respect, reputation and popularity – this is essential, as these qualities are important in succeeding in today’s business climate.

Some Feng Shui tips on how you can make use of this Feng Shui product to achieve success and a better life.

  1. For those born in the year of the Horse, displaying the Horse on your desk will better your luck in wealth and good fortune.
  2. To augment fame or reputation luck, place a figurine of the Horse in the South corner of your office or home, on an elevated plane. In this position, it's believed the Horse will be able to get your work noticed, causing your colleagues and superiors to notice your hard work and tedious efforts – this can lead to promotions and popularity.
  3. Placing the Feng Shui Horse in your workplace if you wish to succeed over those who run against you is said to be helpful; this is particularly useful to those in very competitive careers. New business ventures will be both smooth and successful, requiring little effort but reaping big rewards.
  4. The Horse is best placed in main areas of the home, such as the living room or main hall, as opposed to more private areas like the bedroom. This is due to the Horse’s strong Yang element.
  5. Placing a Horse statuette in the south corner of your workplace or house is believed to cause the upwardly mobile to become further famous – this is especially true for those constantly in the public eye.

Because the Victory Horse and Triumph Horse, are such iconic and beneficial figures, they make great gifts for those who are followers of Feng Shui, as well as those belonging to the year of the Horse in the Zodiac cycle. Also, give them to family and friends, especially individuals who have an influential image in the public eye, or a strong sense of business success.

All products from our Feng Shui shop are cleansed and infused with positive energy before shipping.

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