6 inch Trinity Pagoda

6 inch Trinity Pagoda
SKU: SKU1016
Weight : 410.00g ( 0.90 lbs)
Dim: 1.5x1.5x6 in (3.8x3.8x15.2 cm)
Material: Brass

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In comparison to other Feng Shui cures, such as the wind chime or Wu Lou, the Feng Shui Master’s Five Element Pagoda is a far more potent and efficient cure for negative chi brought by Flying Stars of earth element. Its clever design and brass composition, a symbol of the tough Metal element, are ideal to repress intense Earth energy which arises from Misfortune #5-yellow and Illness Star #2 in Period 8.

The Trinity Five Element Pagoda is the essential Feng Shui cure to both take in and diffuse negative energy in the area around it. It is also the perfect protection against various malicious stars, such as the 5-Yellow star which creates accidents and monetary loss, or the #2 black “Sickness” star, which is the cause of illness and disease. When the Five Element Pagoda is placed in the affected sector, it diffuses the effects of these stars.

This Five Element Pagoda with Tien Ti Ren (Heaven, Earth and Mankind) imprinted on it was uniquely created for Period 8 (2004 – 2024), with the purpose of preventing the evil effects of Flying Stars # 2 and # 5. Because of this, all Feng Shui followers should own and display a Five Element Pagoda during this Period.

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