Brass Coin Sword

Brass Coin Sword
Brass Coin Sword
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Dim: 2.5x9.5x0.25 in (6.4x24x0.6 cm)
Material: Brass

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This magical sword, known in Chinese as “Pi Hsieh” which means “sword that wards of evil”, was used by Taoist priests in ancient China. It was a potent protector against the killing breath (“shar chi”) which often brought all things bad.

The sword itself is comprised of Chinese coins, attached with red threads and formed into the shape of a sword. It is said that the red threads enhance the energy of the coins. The coins are made from fine metals such as brass and bronze (which enhances the power of the Metal element).

There are many ways in which the Coin Sword can be used in Feng Shui:

1) The coin sword can be seen in many homes, hung upon the wall of the living room. They are positioned so that the tip is towards the floor, and facing any nearby windows or doors. Doing so will safeguard all family members from any form of damage (physical, political or financial). It will also repress bad intentions around your home, which are the cause of theft, lawsuits and other forms of misfortune. If you choose to place the Coin Sword above your main door, pointing downwards, it will attack any enemies who enter the home.

2) When hung in the Northwest corner (Mentor Luck corner), the Coin Sword will summon the support of superiors in your work place, allowing you to attain any goals and promotions you deserve.

3) To guard yourself from enemies in the office, betrayals, and office drama, hang the Coin Sword in the area behind where you work, such as your desk. Doing so will protect your career and allow you to work to your full potential.

4) If you are afflicted by the #5 Yellow Star (Disaster Star, which causes accidents and arguments) or the #2 Black Star (Sickness Star, which causes diseases and deaths), placing the Coin Sword in the affected areas will repress the effects and protect you from their malignancies.

In addition to all its benefits, the Coin Sword will definitely catch the impressed eye of any passers-by and spark conversations among guests! Simply remember to replace the coins every Lunar New Year. If you choose not to purchase new ones, then you can merely refresh your current coins in a singing bowl with incense.

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