"Lucky" Keychain with Tassel

"Lucky" Keychain with Tassel
"Lucky" Keychain with Tassel
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Dim: 5.5 in
Material: Brass

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Get an added kick to your luck in wealth and love related matters with this good luck charm.

Attract good luck with this classy high-quality auspicious keychain carrying the letters that spell out "LUCKY". The alphabet "U" is designed as a horseshoe and studded with sparkling zirconia crystals, further empowering this good luck charm with the power to offer protection from harm and to bring good luck. The keychain is decorated with faux leather tassels.

Good luck charms and amulets have fascinated and helped many people for many centuries now, often in matters related to finance and the heart. This Lucky keychain can help you with the much talked about "Law Of Attraction"! The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and this power of positive affirmations must not be underestimated. What you hold in your thoughts and subconscious mind can determine the level of success, well-being and happiness in your life.

Maybe you are interviewing for a new job, or finding a better job. Perhaps a lucky charm can assist you find the job that you want, or to get the promotion that you deserve. Whether it is making money as an investor in property or stock market, getting bigger paycheck or commission, or from visiting a casino, bingo parlor or a horse track. Or maybe you hope someone you have a crush on will ask you out on a date. With this good luck charm in your pocket, you just might have a "helping hand". Carry "Lucky" and become lucky!

Use it as a keyring or clip it on your handbags, briefcase, laptop bags or backpack to constantly remind you that luck is on your side and to reinforce all the positive in your life so that whatever you wish for will become reality. A fantastic gift for yourself and your friends and loved ones!

This keychain is made of brass and plated with Rhodium.

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