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Double Humped Camel for Big Profit & Business Success (Yellow)
According to Lillian Too the Camel with Double Humps will help secure your cash flow, ensuring stabi..
US$99.88 US$69.88
Five Rats Wealth Attracting Jar
Big auspicious wealth luck can be attracted by displaying this colourfully-decorated jar in your hom..
Gold Apple with Peace Symbol
The apple is a symbol of harmony and peace, and its golden color represents prosperity and wealth. ..
Kuan Kung on Horseback
A mighty and majestic figurine of the Kuan Kung (Guan Gong, Kwan Kong), the most famous military Gen..
Monkey God On Elephant
The Elephant is a prominent symbol of strength, protection, wisdom, dignity, leadership qualities an..
Prosperity Golden Pig with Gold Coins
Celebrate new beginnings, future prosperity, and 2019's Year of the Pig with this so a..
US$24.88 US$18.88
Prosperity Golden Rat with Ruyi
Celebrate new beginnings, future prosperity, and 2020's Year of the Rat with this so a..
US$39.88 US$29.88
Prosperity Golden Rat with Stack of Gold Ingots
Celebrate new beginnings, future prosperity, and 2020's Year of the Rat with this so a..
US$39.88 US$29.88
Red Windhorse for Success Luck
Place the Red Windhorse anywhere in your home or workdesk to bring success and victory luck, to prot..
The Sacred Cow Kamadhenu
Kamadhenu or the Sacred Cow is venerated by many in India as a divine bovine-Goddess who fulfills al..
Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras
This beautiful and powerful feng shui cure features the mighty elephant and double-horned rhinoceros..
US$85.88 US$75.88
Blue Evil Eye Bracelet
The Evil Eye or Lucky Eye, Nazar eye or Greek Evil Eye is a famous Mediterranean charm for protectio..
Good Fortune Dog with Zodiac Animal Friends
Although you can display this figurine in any year, it's a very auspicious Feng Shui decor to ha..
Horses of Success Revolving Pen Holder
Bring some auspicious energy that attracts good fortune and stimulates the thinking process to your ..
Feng Shui Arowana with Coin Scales
This stunning Feng Shui arowana fish covered with scales fashioned out of prosperity coins will add ..
Green Laughing Buddha Beaded Tassel
Fabulous tassel featuring the always cheerful Laughing Buddha accompanied by a Pi Yao and decorated ..
Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star
The dreaded #3 Quarrelsome Star appears in the Rooster’s location (West) in 2017 and this is a..
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9 Wealth Gods Sitting On A Ship
Invite all nine Wealth Gods into your home or office to enhance you wealth luck, times NINE! This..
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A Pair of Jumping Carps for Career Success
A pair of Carps leaping out of strong current biting on a pearl symbolises career success, achieveme..
A Pair of White Elephants with Trunks Down
The Elephant is an icon of fertility - the mother of Buddha had a dream about a pure white elephant ..
Adorable Eight Immortals Set
The Eight Immortals, according to ancient tales, were summoned from heaven to help humans in reachin..
Arowana on Bed of Wealth (brass color)
Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world because of its close similarity to a dragon..
Auspicious Sheep with Prosperity Coins Fur
This beautiful big fat Sheep figurine depicted with its thick fur fashioned out of Chinese gold coin..
Auspicious Springy Five Wealth Gods
Five heart-warming and whimsical directional Chinese Wealth Gods each attached to a good fortune Fen..
Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros
The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robb..
Blue Rhinoceros
This will serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your..
Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn
The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn is a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be i..
Brass Feng Shui Cicada
Cicada is said to revitalize youth, and increase the fertility of young couples. The Chinese love..
Bronze Seated Kwan Kung Statue with Knife
The Kwan Kung is portrayed in a horse stance ready to fight - a representation of protection over co..
Buddha Head Sculpture
This Buddha head sculpture exudes an aura of calmness and well-being to your space. The very image o..
Chinese Emperor's Coins
Because it is round, with a square hole in the center, it is said to be a representation of earth su..
Color-Changing Money Frog
This Money Frog is very special! It changes to gold color when poured with hot water - signifying go..