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Colorful Adorable Laughing Buddha with Ru Yi
This colorful figurine portrays the adorable Laughing Buddha standing on a bed of treasure and holdi..
Colorful Adorable Laughing Buddha with Wu Lou
This colorful figurine portrays the adorable Laughing Buddha standing on a bed of treasure and holdi..
Colorful Eight Immortals on Boat
Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is a symbol of overcoming all obstacles and achieving success. T..
Colorful Feng Shui Rooster on Treasure
This colorful rooster reflects radiance, and is pompous over his extravagant crown and fine feathers..
Colorful Fu Lu Shou - Three Star Deities
With the bright colorful paintings, this set of Fuk Luk Sau will sure invite loads of auspicious vib..
Dragon Tortoise on Coins
The Dragon Tortoise is placed in the home of many Feng Shui enthusiasts, to create good luck and goo..
Exquisite Agate Crystal Coin on Stand (L)
Be inspired by this stunning Agate stone made into a polished coin shape ornament.  Agate is..
Exquisite Golden God of Wealth
This exquisite Wealth God is made with high quality craftmanship and finishing. Depicted holding a g..
Feng Shui Elephant with Trunk Down
In ancient China, the Elephant was a war animal, often given as gifts to the emperor by the King of ..
Feng Shui Figure of Eight Enhancer
The feng shui infinity eight symbols represents everlasting love and good fortune. This symbol bring..
Feng Shui Kwan Kung with Sword
Kwan Kung, the Chinese God of War, is shown as a majestic and mighty figure. He is adorned in decade..
Feng Shui Money Frog on Ingots
For the best results from the Money Frog, use nine figures in the same area. The Money Frog, also..
Feng Shui Pak Choy for Good Luck
A beautiful pak choy accompanied by Ling Zhi and some Chinese ingots. Ruyi symbolizes power and auth..
Feng Shui Pot of Overflowing Wealth
May you get your "Pot of Gold" by inviting this Feng Shui Pot of Wealth into your homes or..
Feng Shui Resin Liuli Feng Shui Arowana and Child
To increase your income luck and make your wealth luck more worthy, place the Arowana in the angle d..
Feng Shui Three Divine Guardians
The Three Divine Guardians or Three Celesial Protectors is a specially designed Feng Shui cure for t..
Feng Shui Three Legged Toad with Money Tree
Two excellent Feng Shui wealth-inviting symbols combined in this piece - the Money Frog and Money Tr..
Fengshui Pair of Golden Pi Yao
A pair of shiny golden Feng Shui Pi Yao sitting on a bed of coins with big mouths ready to gobble up..
Five Auspicious Good Fortune Goats / Ram / Sheep
A truly auspicious set of five Ram figurines depicted each biting on a string of coins and accompani..
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Fuk Luk Sau
The Three Lucky Immortals, Star Gods, Fu Lu Shou and Fuk Lak Sau are the various names given to the ..
God of Beggar
The God of Beggars or Chek Kong or Chi Kung, a highly revered deity among Chinese Buddhists, is an i..
God of Monkey Sun Wu Kong
The Monkey God is depicted in a position of looking out for you - to keep watch for trouble and dang..
Gold Ingot to Attract Wealth
Gold ingots are essential for those involved in business; to bring in abundance luck. Gold ingots..
Gold Plated Standing Guan Yin Statue
This is a high quality figurine finished with gold plating instead or painting and hence fetch a hig..
Golden Chung Kwei The Protector Against Evil Spirits
For the common household, Chung Kwei will repress evil intentions which are the root of robberies, b..
Golden Dragon for Power and Success
This auspicious figurine of the mighty Dragon, in high quality dazzling golden plating is depicted g..
Golden Dragon Tortoise with Child
This good luck symbol is said to prevent all forms of backstabbing and betrayal, allowing for the op..
Golden Dragon Tortoise with Child on Bed of Coins
To create the means for a blissful, untroubled life, Feng Shui beliefs advocate to display this feng..
Golden Feng Shui Coins - 50 pieces
Display the Chinese coins  alongside important Feng Shui products that attract wealth, such as ..
Golden Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise
To enhance your profits and prosperity, placing this Dragon Tortoise in the Southeast sector accordi..
Golden Feng Shui Fu Dogs for Protection
Using a pair of the dogs repressed any outbursts of theft, accidents and bad intents, and instead br..
Golden Feng Shui Money Frog on Glass Base
This popular Feng Shui wealth enhancer is a magnificent depiction of a golden money frog seated upon..