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Golden Dragon Grasping Ball
Treat the Dragon with the utmost respect by never displaying it in the bathroom. This fantastic g..
Golden Dragon Pen Holder for Good Fortune
The Dragon, which is the most potent symbol of Yang, is one of the four celestial animals in Feng Sh..
Golden Dragon Tortoise with Child
This good luck symbol is said to prevent all forms of backstabbing and betrayal, allowing for the op..
Golden Feng Shui Coins - 50 pieces
Display the Chinese coins  alongside important Feng Shui products that attract wealth, such as ..
Golden Feng Shui Dragon Tortoise
To enhance your profits and prosperity, placing this Dragon Tortoise in the Southeast sector accordi..
Golden Feng Shui Fu Dogs for Protection
Using a pair of the dogs repressed any outbursts of theft, accidents and bad intents, and instead br..
Golden Feng Shui Money Frog on Glass Base
This popular Feng Shui wealth enhancer is a magnificent depiction of a golden money frog seated upon..
Golden Feng Shui Phoenix
The King of Birds, ancient Chinese people believed that the phoenix would appear in times of peace a..
Golden Feng Shui Ruyi with Mystic Knot
Elegantly shaped golden Ruyi tied with red mystic knot tassels to empower its energy. The Ru Yi, ..
Golden Fengshui Bagua (Hologram)
Useful tool if your home has a main entrance facing a cemetery, hospital, police station, houses of ..
Golden Four Great Heavenly Kings
The Four Heaveny Gods will serve to prevent any evil influences, killing breath and negativities fro..
Golden Guan Yin Seated on Lotus
She touched their hearts and souls, creating a sense of peace and relief amongst those who were less..
Golden Horse of Success with Money Tree
This absolutely gorgeous horse is rearing confidently on a bed of coins accompanied by a Money Gold ..
Golden Horse Resting on a Bed of Treasure
A handsome figurine of a stallion resting on a bed of treasure signifies enjoying a successful life,..
Golden Kwan Yin Ping An Kou Tassel
A beautiful protection amulet tassels featuring a golden Kwan Yin within a faux jade Ping An Kou to ..
Golden Laughing Buddha on Chair
A beautiful golden Laughing Buddha seated on a dragon chair holding a giant ingot and a bag of wealt..
Golden Laughing Buddha on Chair (L)
Laughing Buddha offers a vision of bliss with his always smiling face, jolly position and thoroughly..
Golden Laughing Buddha with Five Children
This good fortune Laughing Buddha with Five Children symbolizes good luck in starting a wholesome fa..
Golden Lord Ganesha - Hindu Elephant-Headed God
Ganesha is the God of wisdom, master of intellect and knowledge, lord of education and bestower of l..
Golden Mini Dragon Tortoise on Treasure
To enhance your profits and prosperity, placing this Dragon Tortoise in the Southeast sector accordi..
Golden Money Frog on Stack of Treasure
The Money Frog, also recognized by name the “Three Legged Toad”, is the celestial and my..
Golden Red-Faced Kwan Kung on Victory Horse
A mighty and majestic golden sculpture of the red-faced Kwan Kung (Guan Gong, Kuan Kong), the most f..
Golden Rooster with Wealth Pot
Beautiful golden rooster depicted standing on a bed of gold coins, and guarding an overflowing wealt..
Golden Six Mini Laughing Buddhas
This set of laughing buddha is ideal for display in your car's dashboard due to its small size. ..
Golden Wealth Beckoning Fortune Cat
Fortune Cats, also known as Lucky Cats, Beckoning Cats, Money Cats or Maneki Neko in Japanese are be..
Golden Wealth Inviting Arowana (S)
Resplendent in gold-finished shimmering scales, this wealth inviting Arowana is truly stunning. Appr..
Golden Wealth Pot with Abacus
To ensure that a wealth pot is a symbol of abundant wealth, it must appear as if it is overflowing w..
Golden Wealth Pot with Money Frogs for Prosperity Luck
Glittering and bursting with tremendously auspicious symbol of riches and abundance, this overflowin..
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Good Fortune Dragon with Horoscope Friends
A very auspicios decor to have during the year of the Dragon 2012, especially during the lunar New Y..
Good Fortune Golden Ingot with Treasure for Prosperity
Glittering and bursting with tremendously auspicious symbol of riches and abundance, this golden Fen..
US$45.88 US$36.88
Good Fortune Horse with Horoscope Friends
Although you can display this figurine in any year, it's a very auspicious Feng Shui decor to ha..
Horoscope Guardian Deity  Protector for Dog and Boar Pendant
Every one of the 12 zodiac signs has its own special deity to help provide powerful guidance and sup..