Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain

Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain
Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain
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Weight : 60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dim: 1.875x2x0.125 in (apple), Lgth 4.5 in (4.8x5.1x0.3 cm, 11.4 cm)
Material: Metal

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This gorgeous Peace and Anti-Conflict Amulet attracts peaceful and harmonious Feng Shui energy into your life. Carry this amulet if you seem to be quarreling or disagreeing with others in the workplace or at home. Clip it on your handbags or laptop bags, and bring fortune with you everywhere you go.

This beautiful keychain featuring a red apple with mantra and bright sun symbol, and a golden rooster, is an excellent cure to remedy the effects of the hostility #3 Flying Star, paving the way for a more peaceful year. The back of the apple is filled with the symbol for PEACE. The #3 Hostile Flying Star (Argumentative Star) is the source of many problems, such as quarrels, fights, backstabbing, verbal arguments, bureaucratic hassles, getting embroiled in lawsuits, getting into trouble with the authorities and misunderstandings among spouses, family, friends and colleagues. If this Feng Shui Star is not suppressed, many relationships with be affected negatively from the excess stress and anxiety.

Carry the Peace and Anti Conflict Key Chain whenever you can, to eliminate all negative and angry energy and to smoothen and repair broken relationships with others. Red Apple has the Fire and Metal elements to weaken the Wood properties of the #3 Hostile Flying Star. In Chinese culture the word Apple sounds like "Peace" and the Rooster is a traditional Feng Shui symbol that is used to prevent office politicking and third party in relationships, among others.

Those with Horoscope sign afflicted by the Quarrelsome star should carry one of this.

If you maindoor or living room is afflicted by the #3 Hostile Star, everyone in the household should carry this amulet. If your bedroom or office is afflicted, you will benefit from this amulet as well.


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