Nine Golden Dragons Plaque

Nine Golden Dragons Plaque
Nine Golden Dragons Plaque Nine Golden Dragons Plaque
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Weight : 370.00g ( 0.82 lbs)
Dim: 7.75x1.875 in (20x5 cm)
Material: Metal

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The beautiful plaque is intended to enhance courage, power, abundance, career success and prosperity. The 9 Celestial Dragons represent the feng shui belief in the power the mighty creature possesses, magnified 9 times over. Every Dragon brings a special kind of prosperity luck for the present and future. In Feng Shui, it is said that when nine dragons come together, immense good luck and superlative good fortune will manifest. It will bestow you with the courage and conviction to pursue the biggest of ambitions.

Those seeking magnified business or career luck, pleasant family luck and overall good fortune would do well to consider displaying this Nine Golden Dragons Plaque at home or at the workplace, not only for its beauty but for the strength and good fortune it symbolizes. Ideal to be displayed on the CEO or managers' desk to bring opportunities and boost success luck in your decisions. It protects you from rivals and people who try to bring you down. When placed in the Northwest, the luck of the patriarch is strengthened.

The Nine Dragon Plaque is an excellent enhancer for the #9 Future Prosperity Star, which is getting stronger as we are approaching Period of 9. This helps you to stay focus to attain success for any long-term goals you are working on.

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