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  June - July 2019 - Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast 2019
5th Month of the Earth Boar Year

 Pay attention to the South sector this month because the Illness Star and Hostile Star join their evil forces!

There are two numbers in each of the nine grids in the Monthly Flying Star chart below. The larger number represents the annual flying star and the smaller number represents the monthly star.

The luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to every member of the family/workplace if the maindoor or the door most often used of the house or office is located in that particular sector or facing that direction. For example, if you maindoor is located in the North sector or your property faces North, then every household member or occupant of the office will experience the kind of luck indicated in the North sector for the entire month. So always pay close attention to the flying stars of your maindoor's location and facing direction of your home, although the other rooms such as the living room and bedrooms are important too, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. The energy carried in by the flyings stars of these rooms only affects people who occupy them frequently.

You will also be affected by the star visiting your zodiac animal sign's home location. Table below shows the home location of each zodiac sign. For example, the Rat is affected by the stars in the North sector, the Monkey is affected by the stars in Southwest, and so on.

Rat North Horse South
Ox Northeast Sheep Southwest
Tiger Northeast Monkey Southwest
Rabbit East Rooster West
Dragon Southeast Dog Northwest
Snake Southeast Boar Northwest


We also provide some suggestions of Feng Shui cures to remedy or minimize the negative influence of the inauspicious flying stars as well as Feng Shui enhancers and lucky charms that can be used to further tap into the energy of auspicious ones and maximize the wonderful possibilities of the month. Knowing in advance the locations of the stars enables you to easily make the necessary arrangement to make the best out of every month.

The placements of monthly Feng Shui cures can be moved around from month to month. For instance, a cure against the monthly misfortune star #5 can move from sector to sector to track the misfortune star. However, the annual cure for the misfortune star must stay where it is placed at beginning of the year.

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Feng Shui 2019 Flying Star Chart June
Jun 6, 2019 - July 6, 2019

June Monthly Flying Star 2019 Chart


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationWest - A lucky Sum-of-Ten forms, bringing powerful and yet unstable energies. Ambition is fine now, but be careful not to be aggressive to achieve success or tension could arise and you could be overworked and stressed, threatening your health.  Display a Key for Success and Victory with Windhorse and Yang House Amulet Plaque to energize the auspicious stars. Carry a Purple Crown Symbolizing Prestige and Success Keychain or wear a Fantasy Golden Ray Tiger Eye Bracelet. Do not over-exert because possibility of falling sick is indicated so take care of what you eat and drink. Enjoy the auspicious possibilities now but keep a healthy balance between work and rest. Wear a Jade Coin Ping An Kou Pendant (XL) or Jade Pair of Pi Yao with Ping An Kou Coin Pendant.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNortheast - Advancements and enhanced fortune can be expected. To encourage this, display The Golden Eagle in the Northeast and carry a Key for Success and Victory Keychain. Displaying the Dragon Tortoise or wearing a Obsidian with 999 Silver Money Frog and Dragon Tortoise Charm Bracelet can also be helpful in maximizing completion luck for your endeavors. But health is at risk now, so watch your diet and get rest. Accidents are another threat, so place a Healing Herbs Wu Lou in the Northeast and carry a Five Element Wulou Amulet for Health Luck. Health issues, especially for pregnant women arise, so displaying a Bejeweled Medicine Buddha nearby or wearing a Medicine Buddha Pendant is advised. Relationships with a loved one or spouse could be tense now – use caution. Carry the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain as a remedy.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouth - Illness and conflict are both threats in this sector. Either personal or business relationships could be affected by this energy. Overcome the illness energy with a Bejeweled Medicine Buddha and wearing a Tortoise Shell Dzi Bead with Amethyst Phantom Quartz Bracelet or carrying a Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain if you spend good amount of time in this sector. Tension arises in all relationships, so carry the Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain and display a Laughing Buddha to attempt to restore peace. Anyone in politics or dealing directly with people suffers bad chi and should turn to a Rose Quartz Laughing Buddha Pendant with Frame for balance.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorth - Tension arises in all areas, including romance, where relationships should normally be running smoothly. Wood energy is elevated, causing this aggressive impact on situations. Consider using a bright light or hanging a red ornament in this sector to shine a bright light on the negativity. Display a Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple or Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque, and carry a Tzi Chi Kau Red Dog Amulet Keychain or Apple Peace Hanging Keychain to suppress the hostile star. Success can come in academic or literary areas, though, and can be enhanced by displaying a Clear Quartz Crystal Point on your work or study desk and carrying an Education & Scholastic Keychain. Creativity in general sees a boost at this time. Carry a 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain to activate it.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouthwest - Fortunes improve over last month and social and literary endeavors are good. Placing a Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati or 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda in this sector can help boost this. Students and writers find extra opportunities and a boost in productivity. You should carry an Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain. Money luck in general improves and to ensure this use the 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in this sector to combat negative chi. Boost Love Luck by wearing a Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant or Morganite Crystal Bracelet (High Grade) because Peach Blossom Luck is present.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationEast - Not a good month for those in this sector, as illness and many types of misfortune could occur. To ward off negativity, use the Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (7.5 in) or a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (6 in) to restore chi to a healthier level. If not health-related, some could have financial problems, leading to anger and elevated trauma or stress levels. For protection from misfortune, carry a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda Keychain or wear a Stupa Pendant with Karma Removal Mantra. Though your family does have Heaven luck right now, this bad misfortune energy keeps it from flourishing. Wear a Jade Good Fortune In-Front-Of-Eye Pendant to capture Heaven's luck.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSoutheast - Hard workers will see rewards now and can overcome competition. Heavenly luck provides this boost and can be enhanced by displaying an image of Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance or Buddha's Foot Windchime in this sector. Carrying a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain or wearing a Jade Good Fortune In-Front-Of-Eye Pendant also to boost Heaven luck and attract a mentor or helpful elder. There's also threat of burglary and theft. Carry a Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or wear water-element blue crystal such as Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet or Kyanite Crystal Bracelet for protection, if you spend a lot of time in this sector. Try not to worry too much and relax more.


 Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationCenter - Armed robbery, burglary and all types of misfortune are threats to this sector now. Home and personal security should be enhanced. Because it afflicts the center, everyone in the household should consider adding a water element as protection such as wearing blue-colored crystal like Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet or Kyanite Crystal Bracelet. The Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet can be carried to ward off harm. Keep money and valuables locked away to keep burglary from happening. Money loss from competition is very possible, so displaying a protective element such as Anti-Burglary Red Plaque or a Pair of Feng Shui Fu Dogs on either side of your entrance door can prevent harm from entering. Displaying a Wealth Ship is also favored for protection.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorthwest - Auspicious luck is in store, as prosperity luck is favored. Good news in many areas is possible, and there may be cause for a celebration. To magnify this potential, display a Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl or Citrine Crystal Ball (L) for Wealth Luck nearby. The Patriach can expect social luck and male adults look forward to an abundance of business and money success. Wear a Ammonite Shell Pendant (S), Wealth Pot Phantom Bracelet (High Grade) or Golden Rutilated Quartz Framed Pendant (Rectangle), or carry a Good Fortune Lock Amulet Keychain to activate the wealth star. Hang the Jade Feng Shui Five Gold Ingots Tassel in yoru car. Enjoy this, with the only major problem being a bit of tension with elders in your family. Display a Fluorite Crystal Ball or Star of David Crystal Balls for harmony.



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