Career & Scholastic Keychain

Career & Scholastic Keychain
Career & Scholastic Keychain Career & Scholastic Keychain Career & Scholastic Keychain
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This gorgeous blue and gold-embossed Career and Scholastic keychain features a Carp that turns into a Dragon on one side, a sign of empowerment and great success. The artwork on the other side features the Dragon Horse or Chi Lin with the Four Scholastic Objects for all-round talents and skills.

This specially desgined keychain is said to attract scholastic luck, including good fortune when taking exams. This applies especially to those in college or those who have graduated at any level and are now facing the task of getting a job. Those who are young adults entering the workforce, or young children who are hoping to have a successful education could benefit from keeping this Feng Shui keychain close by. Those whose Horoscope sign, bedroom or main door affected by the #4 Academic Star are strongly advised to carry this keychain too.

Legend has it that one brave Carp persevered to swim upstream against the powerful force of the Yellow river to reach the Dragon gate. He fought his way over waterfalls and rocks all the way to the ultimate destination and finally was rewarded by being transformed into a dragon. In Feng Shui dragons are the ultimate emblem of good luck, their breath in our life is what we are trying to attract and encourage. Thus carp’s is conducive to inviting the breath of the dragon.

Carps are believed to stimulate the ability to overcome insurmountable challenges and reach immense heights of power and wealth. They are said to bring many kinds of luck: educational luck, career luck, prosperity luck and luck in literary pursuits. If you are looking to improve your career and need extra courage, the carp is the symbol to help boost your spirits.

The Chi Lin, Qi Ling or Kei Loon is a heavenly animal from ancient Chinese legends. With the head of a dragon and the body of a horse, it is a unique combination of the best qualities of both these auspicious animals - some of the noble symbols it holds in Feng Shui are power, bravery, high aspirations, a sense of competitiveness, wellbeing and determination.

The Chi Lin, due to the Dragon head, releases cosmic chi (which is believed to summon success, long life and intelligence), and it is very loyal to its owner, due to its horse traits. The carp scales on its back is said to serve to bring a load of wealth into your home or business, as carp is a feng shui symbol for abundance.


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