Buddha's Foot Windchime

Buddha's Foot Windchime
Buddha's Foot Windchime Buddha's Foot Windchime Buddha's Foot Windchime
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Weight : 160.00g ( 0.35 lbs)
Dim: 1.75x3.5x0.125 in, Lgth 12.5 in (4.5x9x0.3 cm, 32 cm)
Material: Metal

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This lovely and mighty Buddha’s Foot Windchime was created to awaken the highly auspicious energy that is promised by the #6 Heavenly Star. In feng shui study, it is said to help destroy bad luck and awaken the help of celestial protectors to those who display it. The #6 Star blesses people with support from the Heavens in reaching goals, while achieving good fortune. In the year 2019, the #6 Star resides in the East. It moves to the SE in 2020, and then center in the year 2021.

You can also hang this Feng Shui windchime in the West and the Northwest to activate the metal energy of these sectors. For the year of 2019, the West sector is visited by the #1 Victory Star and the Northwest holds the #9 Completion Star - both highly auspicious stars. So, the sound of metal from this windchime which is empowered with an image of the beloved Buddha’s foot, is said to attract positive fortune and dispel all inauspiciousness.    

The footprint of the Buddha represents the Buddha’s teachings, and his continued presence on earth, symbolically. Paradoxically, they are also viewed as reminders of the Buddha’s absence, and the Buddhist ideal of detachment.

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