Yang House Amulet Plaque

Yang House Amulet Plaque
Yang House Amulet Plaque Yang House Amulet Plaque
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Dim: 9x7x0.25 in (23x18x0.5 cm)
Material: Plastic

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This powerful Feng shui cure is designed with potent Yang symbols of Dragons, a Bell, a Dorje, Fire, Red Color and Hum syllables is used to neutralize Yin chi. This stale yin energy that has accumulated over time in your home or office can attract sickness, robbery and even death! The special Yang House Plaque permeates your space with vibrant energy, dissolving the Yin chi. If someone in your home has just suffered a severe disease, major separation or passed away, display this Feng Shui Plaque in your home to dispel the lingering negative energy. It is also highly recommended to display it if you have just moved into a pre-owned house to dissolve whatever bad energy left over from previous owners.

The Yang House Amulet Plaque is also a powerful remedy to overcome the Yin House Star brought by the the 24 Mountain Stars. This inauspicious star causes illness, diseases and even death in the family. In the year 2016, it resides in the Southwest and North and affects people born in the year of the Rat, Sheep and Monkey. Display in the afflicted sectors, especially if your entrance, house's facing direction, living room or bedroom faces/sits in the locations of the Yin House Star.


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