6 inch Luck Transforming Feng Shui Fan

6 inch Luck Transforming Feng Shui Fan
6 inch Luck Transforming Feng Shui Fan
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Weight : 350.00g ( 0.77 lbs)
Dim: 3.375x3.375x6 in (8.6x8.6x5.3 cm)
Material: Brass

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The famous Feng Shui luck transforming fan, which is very widely used in Asian countries such as Hong Kong, is a potent instrument used to propel away any bad luck and negative energy, and replace it with good fortune and prosperity. This will serve to repress the bad intentions of people around you who wish to harm you.

The Feng Shui Fan crafted from brass is an essential item to repress the effects of the # 5 Yellow Star. This star, which causes diseases and death is an earth element star, and the Metal of the fan will be highly effective in 'exhausting' earth energy. It is also generally efficient when displayed in the bedroom, living room, or upon a desk in the office.

The Chinese strongly believe in this fan’s powers. There are many ways in which this fan is used for ideal Feng Shui following:

  • When the fan is turned in a clockwise manner, it will improve the wealth luck of the beholder.
  • When the fan is turned in an anticlockwise manner, it will repress the effects of bad luck which causes accidents and misfortune.
  • When the fan is first turned in an anticlockwise manner seven times, then eight times in the opposite direction, it will assist those who are unemployed, and help them to regain a job.

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