Fortune and Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Boar

Fortune and Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Boar
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The 2017 Fortune & Feng Shui book for Boar by Lillian Too and Jennifer Too gives personalized advice about what lies ahead during the year. In this little 2017 Horoscope Forecast for Boar book, you will learn how to

  • UTILIZE the Small Auspicious and Big Auspicious Stars for 2017
  • WELCOME Big Wealth into your life
  • PLAN the best timing for actions and events month-to-month
  • FIND new love by stimulating Peach Blossom Luck
  • HAVE the best relationship with family and friends, or associates at work
  • FIND a mentor and maximize exam luck
  • STAY safe and healthy during 2017

The Fire Rooster rules 2017 and it won’t be a quiet one. It is emboldened with the #3 Hostile Star, making this a year when you will have to face challenges, both with people and situations. However, by following feng shui and learning about proper organization of your living space, and the timing of the actions you take can greatly help you attract the most opportunities for good fortune that 2017 can bring. It can also help you minimize or completely avoid the negative afflictions that could prove harmful.

It’s important to learn, in a simple and practical way, how to intensify your feng shui luck before a new year begins. Keeping this easy-to-read book for your sign near you is an excellent way to stay up to date during each season, since each month and quarter have their own advantages, challenges and characteristics. If you know ahead of time what to expect and how to navigate the situation, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Why not get your animal sign’s Fortune & Feng Shui book 2017, and give one in the proper sign to each family member or friend?  

Click Horoscope Feng Shui Forecast 2017 for Pig/Boar to read more about your the luck analysis and prediction for your zodiac sign.



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