5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging

5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging
5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging 5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging
SKU: SKU3207
Weight : 60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dim: Coin Dia. 1 in, Lgth 10 in (2.5 cm, 25 cm)
Material: Brass

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The Five Emperor Coins are tied with a special mystic knot, which symbolizes the multiplication of fortune and prosperity. This special good luck charm also features a black obsidian Wu Lou at the end so that it has the power to attrach health luck as well and not just wealth luck. Fabulous!

For many centuries, Chinese coins have been a very desirable symbol, signifying prosperity and owning many riches. The Chinese coin itself has an interesting design and depiction; because it is round, with a square-shaped hole in the center, it is said to be a representation of earth surrounded by heaven. It is for this reason that, when utilized by humans, they are an emblem of the harmony of the “Heaven-Earth-Man”.

The coin has two sides; The Yang side, which boasts the four Chinese signs of the emperor’s reign, and the Yin side, which features 2 characters. The coins are often held on red or gold string, according to auspicious Chinese numbers, each having its own meaning: three (the harmony of heaven, earth and humankind), six (symbolism of heaven luck) or nine (the entirety of the universe).

The five coins invoke the five "Emperors of the Universe" for protection against danger and harm as well as to attract wealth luck. The five coins also signify the five feng shui elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) for a balanced and harmonious life. The coins are tied in a red string and a mystic knot to empower its energy.

This 5 Emperor Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging can be hung in the car or in the vicinity of cash registers of business telephones, as this is believed to increase customer awareness, therefore generating more sales.

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