6-rod All-metal Bagua Windchime

6-rod All-metal Bagua Windchime
6-rod All-metal Bagua Windchime
SKU: SKU1193
Weight : 240.00g ( 0.53 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 3 in, 20 in Lgth (Dia. 7.5 cm, 50 cm)
Material: Brass

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This wind chime has the added symbol of Wu Lou and Bagua on it - both are potent protective symbol used in Feng Shui.

One of the most effective and most versatile feng shui products are wind chimes. If you cannot afford or do not have the time to correct serious feng shui issues in your home, the wind chime is a potent solution for negative energy and warding off evil spirits.

Wind chimes have an enormous range of abilities in feng shui. They can deflect shar chi or poison arrow energy, they suppress the bad luck of toilets or storerooms, they steady the harmful chi of fast moving energies, they cure the troublesome Flying star and magnify the blessings of good flying stars.

The different numbers of rods in feng shui wind chimes have different significances. Five and six rodded wind chimes are commonly utilized for censoring bad luck. Eight rodded wind chimes are used for luck enhancing and drawing greater proportions of certain types of luck into your environment. Metal is the material used in feng shui to suppress earthly afflictions. Wind chimes should also always be hollow to allow for a smooth and unobstructed flow of chi through them.

Here are some specific placements for this powerful feng shui cure:

  1. Use the wind chime as a replacement for the bagua, by hanging it over your front entrance. This will serve to correct and deflect shar chi or poison arrow killing energy that comes off of sharp corners (trees, poles, building corners) or routes of traffic that point towards your home or building.
  2. Place a metal windchime in the North sector of your home to benefit career luck. Here the metal of the wind chime creates and strengthens the energy of water in the North sector of your home.
  3. A wind chime in the toilet can lift up the bad energy so as not to have a negative effect on the aspiration represented by that sector the toilet is located. For example, a toilet in the Southeast sector (wealth sector) means your wealth luck will be flushed down the toilet. A wind chime is a good Feng Shui cure in this situation.
  4. Place a wind chime in between two doors that face directly opposite each other, just beyond shar chi or poison arrow creating features (open book shelves, sharp furniture edges, etc.) or at the bottom of a staircase. These placements draw on the wind chime’s abilities to decelerate chi. The rapid movement of chi energy can be harmful and cause good luck to leave your environment. Wind chimes will slow down and disperse this energy, neutralizing any of its potentially negative effects.

To use wind chimes for their strong benefits according to Flying Star Feng Shui:

  1. Hang a wind chime from the ceiling to counter the energy of the disaster star or yellow star five and sickness star, or black star two. The wind chime is known as one of the most powerful feng shui cures for preventing the accidents and illnesses associated with these two stars.

Feng Shui Wind chimes should never be hung directly above where you sleep, eat or work. They should be hung beside these areas, or if there is no room there then hung on the wall below waist level. Wind chimes do not necessarily have to be hung from the ceiling. If wind chimes are hung directly overhead it can invite accident, illness and the suppression of your positive energy, which is clearly undesirable.

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