Armored Elephant And Rhinoceros

Armored Elephant And Rhinoceros
Armored Elephant And Rhinoceros Armored Elephant And Rhinoceros Armored Elephant And Rhinoceros
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Weight : 1,200.00g ( 2.65 lbs)
Dim: Elephant: 4.75x2.25x4 in, Rhino: 5.75x2.375x3.25 in (12x5.5x10 cm, 14.5x6x8.5 cm)
Material: Resin

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The armored Elephant and Rhinoceros is the best Feng Shui cure for the #7 Robbery / Loss Star. Specially designed with an unpenetrable armor to, this pair makes the perfect team to protect you against burglary, theft, break-ins, money loss, violence and betrayals. The dark blue color represents strong water element which is needed to weaken the Metal energy of the Loss Star.

Display this formidable duo in the home or office to ward off harm, unscrupulous competition, traitors and difficult market situations for the occupants.

In the year 2022 the #7 Violent Star flies into the West (affecting Roosters and the youngest daughter) and 2023 into the Northeast palace (Ox and Tiger). If you sleep in the afflicted sector, of if your main door is located or facing the afflicted direction, you will need this Feng Shui cure.

Here are some Feng Shui tips for the placement of this Feng Shui cure:

1) The # 7 Flying Star is a very malicious one, and brings with it burglary, robbery, violence and bloodshed. To keep this star (in our Period 8 chart) from bringing accidents and causing harm, display this Feng Shui cure in the sector affected by the star. 

2) Display the blue armored Elephant and Rhinoceros close to the main door of the living in your home, facing towards the outside of your home. This will prevent anyone will malicious intents from coming into your home, therefore protecting the members of your family. It will also prevent any accidents of burglaries.

3) For those involved in business, placing the Blue armored Rhinoceros and Elephant close to the main door of your office, also facing towards the outside of the premises. This will serve to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.

4) Keeping the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant in your workplace will help you to resolve issues regarding backstabbing and harmful colleagues. It will keep quarrelling and chaos and bay, and allow the office to be a calm and easy environment to work in.

As for most Feng Shui cures, we do not recommend keeping them for more than a year because it would have absorbed a good deal of negative energy and would no longer can serve as a potent remedy. If your cure is broken or has damage of any kind, it is particularly important to replace it.


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