Black Scorpion Tablet

Black Scorpion Tablet
Black Scorpion Tablet Black Scorpion Tablet
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Weight : 490.00g ( 1.08 lbs)
Dim: 8.875x4.875x0.625 in (22.5x12.5x1.5 cm)
Material: Wood

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This Feng Shui tablet features powerful mantra, Guru Rinpoche and a black scorpion, decorated with dorje symbols around the sides.

Hanging the Black Scorpion Tablet in your home or office in a respectable manner invites his presence, blessings and protection. He helps you to accumulate karmic merit. Someone with sufficient karmic merit will achieve health, wealth, love and happiness in his or her life more effortlessly. Your prayers and wishes will be actualized a lot faster. He helps dissipate negative afflictions in your life. Guru Rinpoche has the power to dispel all kinds of hindrances, difficulties and obstales to a stable, prosperous and joyful life. This plaque protects you from illness, physical and emotional danger, impurities, black magic and harm caused by spirits.


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