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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast & Chinese Horoscope 2019 - 9 th Month (Oct 8 - Nov 7, 2019)

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RAT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (North)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RatGood fortune arrives for the Rat this month, with the #8 Prosperity Star providing abundant wealth luck. It’s ok to be a bit extravagant in spending now, since wealth luck is so strong. This doesn’t mean to be foolish with spending but it allows you to be a bit less frugal. By not fearing money loss, you are willing to take a few risks in business, too, which can pay off. Try thinking outside the box at work. Don’t give up on tried and true practices, but don’t avoid slightly innovative ideas and new ways of doing business. A windfall is even possible. Pamper yourself and your loved ones while money luck is good. Display a Bejewelled Action Vase (Red), Wishfulfilling Jewel (Yellow) for Prosperity and Abundance 100mm or Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl here only magnifies the wealth luck. Wear a Citrine Carp Crystal Pendant or Top Grade Ametrine Tear Drop Pendant or carry a Treasure Box Amulet Keychain to capture this luck.

Love is favored this month, too. If you’ve had feelings for someone but haven’t let them know, now is the time. Don’t hold back! If you’ve been dating someone for awhile and feel the relationship is solid, this might be the time to take the next step, whether it’s a serious commitment, an engagement or even a marriage. There are three auspicious stars in your chart now, and one of them is the #4 Peach Blossom Star, which favors love and romance. If you want your partner to propose, carry the Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain or wear a Rose Quartz Teardrop Crystal Pendant to heighten the passion and encourage a commitment.


OX's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for OxIt’s a fortunate month for the Ox, as good luck returns in many areas. The #6 Heaven Star brings blessings and mentor luck your way, so pay attention to advice from an older person or from someone who is an authority in your field. It’s a good month to improve your skills or increase your knowledge, whether you’re a student or just someone wanting to further their business position. Productivity is high and your ideas are well-respected. A boss is paying attention and may offer a promotion. It’s not the time to rest on laurels, though – accept support and praise but keep working hard and moving forward. Networking is favored this month and could lead to an important ally or connection that helps you in career matters. Socialize and enjoy the moment, however don’t rely heavily on a friend to enter your business environment or the relationship could become strained. Activate your Heaven's luck by placing a 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque or Kuan Yin Bringing Abundance in the Northeast and carrying a Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain or Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet Keychain.

In love, those in a committed relationship or marriage find happiness and contentment with a partner. Enjoy this person but beware thinking that there may be someone out there who appreciates you even more. Appreciate what you have without looking elsewhere. Singles have luck in finding admirers. This is also a good month for further bonding with a family member. Wear a 3-Round High Grade Morganite or Morganite Crystal Bracelet to boost likability factor and hence relationship luck.


TIGER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northeast) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for TigerHeaven luck blesses the Tiger now and opportunities abound. It’s your time to shine and you’ll have the determination and enthusiasm to take advantage of it. There is much success to be had, leading to money luck. A mentor is also around you, so pay attention to someone in a higher position than you, and listen to advice from someone you respect. It’s also possible that a new contact might enter, so be alert to everyone you meet. A door could open to something you’ve been waiting for. Your ideas are creative and supported by those around you, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. It’s a good month if you’ve been wanting to expand a business venture or make a new investment. Make sure to do your research, though, so you don’t miss an important fact. This can be a time for personal growth and trying something you’ve had in your mind awhile. Enhance your Heaven's luck by displaying a 6 Big Smooth Coins or Gui Ren Windchime in the NE and carrying a 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging or Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain.

In personal matters, it’s a good time to socialize and make new friends – this could lead to something that lasts a long time and affects several areas of your life. To attract a mentor and a beneficial friend, carry the Jade Emperor Heaven Amulet Keychain. Who you know is highly important now.


RABBIT's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (East)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RabbitClarity comes to many Rabbits now, in the form of knowing the right path to take or a sudden awareness of what decision to make. You’ll want to rely on your own instincts rather than the advice of others and it may be difficult to avoid being a bit too dominating in wanting your own way. Staying humble but positive and strong is the best bet. Leadership is still possible without making others uncomfortable with your strength. The #1 Victory Star brings new beginnings for success, even with projects that had been set aside previously. A job change or even a move to another location is possible – be open minded and enthusiastic! The #6 Star is also present, offering guidance. These create Metal and Water energies and open your eyes to opportunities. Be brave – even investments look promising now. Boost you luck this month by placing a Key for Success and Victory with Windhorse or 5 Element Banner of Victory in the East. You should also carry a purple Crown Symbolizing Prestige and Success Keychain or wear Bejeweled Crown Phantom Quartz Pendant.

Love energy changes a bit but is all for the best. It could be happier times with a current partner, or the necessity to change partners if your relationship has not been good. To enhance love luck, carry wear a Rose Quartz Bamboo Bracelet or Madagascan Rose Quartz Bracelet (High Grade). Students have good study luck and positive advice from teachers now. Carry an Abacus with Scholastic Calligraphy Brush Keychain.


DRAGON's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for DragonThere are good and bad elements this month for the Dragon, with the presence of the #2 Illness Star and the #7 Loss/Betrayal Star. Yet together they form the Big Wealth Ho Tu, providing chances for money luck, particularly for the 79-year-old Metal Dragon, 55-year-old Wood Dragon and 31-year-old Earth Dragon. Business matters are good and opportunities appear that could even lead to a windfall. It’s a good time to complete an earlier project and begin researching and planning for future opportunities. But make sure you have support from co-workers on your side and that you’ve done your homework to make the most of the opportunity. Develop camaraderie and when help is offered, gratefully accept it. What dampens success now is the potential for health issues. At the sign of an oncoming illness, seek medical help, and pamper yourself by eating and sleeping better. Wearing the Tortoise Shell Amber Pendant or carrying the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain is feng shui advice for warding off illness, while the Golden Wu Lou with Garuda or Bejeweled Medicine Buddha can be displayed to weaken the illness energies in the Southeast.

In love, a partner can provide comfort and support as well as lending an ear to any difficulties you express. Those in a relationship really do better now than singles, who lack the support and companionship of a partner. Boost your love luck by wearing a Rose Quartz Angel Pendant or Natural Rose Quartz Bracelet.


SNAKE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southeast)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for SnakeLuck is mixed for Snakes now. The Big Wealth Ho Tu is present, promising wealth luck, but it is created by the #2 Illness Star and the #7 Loss/Betrayal Star, so caution is needed. Success is possible but it will take effort and protecting yourself by noticing signs of weakened immunity as well as watching diet, alcohol intake and getting better sleep. The feng shui cure of the Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain when kept nearby now helps ward off the worst of illness, as does displaying a Brass Mini God of Longevity Wu Lou or Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) in the SE, which stands in the path of oncoming illness. Hang a Jade Wulou with Ingot Hanging in your car. The older Snake should consider sleeping in another sector besides the Southeast this month for best health prospects. In spite of this, wealth luck can be had, especially for the 78-year-old and 18-year-old Metal Snake and the 54-year-old Wood Snake. Activities increase at work but it will take all your effort to make the most of them. Calling upon allies is the best way to achieve deadlines and accomplish what you desire. Teamwork is essential. With this in mind, prosperity is within reach and opportunities present themselves, possibly leading to a windfall. It’s a good time to research future plans.

In love, things are pleasant though not outstanding. Passion isn’t strong, even if you feel you’re with your soulmate. Those who are single would do well to avoid seeking someone special until energy levels are higher. Keep things light for now. Display a Pair of Colorful Liuli Glass Mandarin Ducks for Love or Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks and Lotus Flower on Star of David in the SW or bedroom to improve love luck.


HORSE's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (South)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for HorseThere is potential to complete projects and accomplish goals this month but there are two stars threatening to interfere with this – the #7 Robbery Star and the #3 Quarrelsome Star. Betrayal is possible, even from someone you thought you could trust, and tempers could flare. Office politics arise at wok and placing a Rooster on your desk to peck away gossip is advised. The only good thing with this combination is that they form the very auspicious Sum-of-Ten and can mean success in spite of negative energy. Completing projects is a good thing but money could be lost even so, so use caution and be prepared. Carrying the Kuan Kung with Anti Burglary Amulet or wearing a Kyanite Crystal Bracelet or Blue Fluorite Crystal Bracelet is a wise bit of protection as it weakens the energy of the Burglary star. Now isn’t the time to sign contracts or make deals, since a legal issue could arise. Be careful of details in any career matters. Display an Anti Burglary Mountain with Secret Mantras or Anti-Burglary Red Plaque to overcome this Violent Star. Boost your sum of ten luck with a Sum-Of-Ten Enhancer Amulet Keychain.

In love, committed Horses enjoy happy moments and support one another. Just make sure the support comes from within the relationship, as temptation is an issue now. Third party interference could harm an otherwise happy relationship. Hang a Amethyst Geode Bejeweled Pendant near your bed or wear a Fluorite 9-Tailed Fox for Mesmerizing Love Ring for protection from infidelity. Singles can enjoy casual dating now but it’s not the time for serious commitment, and don’t rush into something serious before you’re ready. Display a Rose Quartz Puff Heart for Love Luck or wear a Jade Peony Pendant if you are looking for a soulmate.


SHEEP's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for SheepSheep are plagued by the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star this month and the #9 Magnifying Star only makes matters worse. The Wu Wang energy is magnified and it’s necessary to watch your back. Lie low and stay clear of negativity whenever possible. Stick with what you know, and who you know, rather than seeking something new. You’ll have your hands full at work just handling your own tasks so it’s not the time to offer to help others. Carrying a 5 Element Pagoda Keychain or wearing a Bloodstone Ping An Kou Coin Pendant is wise feng shui advice to help overcome the bad chi that’s present and to ward off jealousy around you. Gossip is also possible. Avoid participating in this gossip or office politics – walk away before you say something you might regret. Display a 6 inch Five Element Pagoda or a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (6 in) in the SW.

In social and love matters, trouble could be brewing. Trust could be an issue with a partner and your instincts fail you, making you suspicious when you needn’t be. Give one another some space and the benefit of the doubt as you tackle this month. Family responsibilities could increase now but don’t let this overwhelm you. It helps to display a Bejeweled Rose Quartz Apple or Clear Quartz Crystal Ball in the living room or bedroom.


MONKEY's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Southwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for MonkeyCaution is needed as Monkeys approach this month. Energy levels are good but the presence of the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star puts roadblocks in your way at every turn. Don’t let this get you down – keep moving forward through it all and remain positive. Tension surrounds your workplace, with office politics and gossip interfering with daily work. Don’t take part in this – lie low and keep to yourself. Offering an opinion or trying to make a point can only make tension worse and people won’t be supportive. This isn’t a time to fully trust anyone – even an ally. Gravitate towards those who give you positive input and not those who criticize you because it won’t take much to discourage you. Wait till another time to make big plans or investments. Some people follow feng shui advice of moving things, physically, around a bit to change the negative energy. Change the position of a chair, a plant, anything that shakes things up a bit. The cure for the misfortune star is by placing a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (7.5 in) or 6 inch Five Element Pagoda. Hang a Moss Agate Ping An Kou Coin Hanging (A) in your car and carry a 5 Element Pagoda Keychain for protection at all times.

Love is not pleasant now. You’ll be overly sensitive to what someone says to you, even your partner. Even simple conversations could lead to difficulty, so lie low a bit. If others point out something troubling about your partner, maybe you should listen to them. Singles might do well to avoid serious dating this month. Enhance your love and relationship luck by displaying a Wishfulfilling Bejeweled Pair of Mandarin Ducks or Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage in the SW.


ROOSTER's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (West)  Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for RoosterThe #5 Yellow Misfortune Star rules now, threatening some chaos if you are not careful. Carrying the feng shui 5 Element Pagoda Keychain or wearing the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) helps prevent harm in the form of accidents or illness from this star. Your sign is able to stay strong against this negativity, though, and it won’t hit as hard as it might with other signs. Take care of your health and steer clear of dangerous environments or activities. Danger can also mean a setback from an unwise business decision or risky endeavor. It’s not the time to take chances. Lie low and stick with what you know and projects already underway. Work energy is tense and either your temper or that of a co-worker could be dangerous. It’s best to not take anything personally and walk away rather than trying to win a point. Remedy this affliction by displaying a Tri-Coloured 5 Element Pagoda (6 in) or 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in the West.

Personal matters are also affected by the #5 now and relationships suffer anger issues. The good news is that the #1 Star is also present and adds a calming influence when truly needed. Try to be understanding and avoid arguments whenever possible. Again, the Rooster is a strong sign and will suffer less from this negativity than another sign might. Calling upon the help of Red Tara Home Protection Amulet or wearing a Golden Strawberry Quartz Bracelet (Top grade) or Madagascar Rose Quartz Framed Pendant will help your relationships.


DOG's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for DogThe #4 Peach Blossom Star brings both positive and negative energy to Dogs now. It’s important to heed warnings about the negativity while maximizing the positive potential. Relationships are favored, whether in love or business. Your charisma is high and support comes your way. Just make sure that you don’t interact inappropriately with a coworker or boss as it could be seen as flirting. An office romance would be bad and it’s also possible that your affection, if you feel it towards someone at work, is not returned. This leads to embarrassment and possibly a reprimand or worse. Have a better love luck by wearing a Strawberry Quartz Bracelet or Rose Quartz Double Point Pendant (L).

In general, let love build slowly rather than rushing into a relationship you might later regret. Getting swept off your feet could seem exciting but may not be long lasting or happy. Students do well because of the scholastic luck associated with the #4 and they can enhance this influence by placing the 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda on a desk or in the Northwest sector of your home. It encourages success in studies and knowledge. Carry also a Scholastic Keychain.


BOAR's 2019 Monthly Horoscope & Luck Forecast (Northwest) Luck Star Rating

Monthly Feng Shui 2019 Forecast for BoarBoars have much to be happy about this month, though there are still a few words of caution to be issued. The best thing about the presence of the #4 Peach Blossom Star now is the relationship luck it provides, in all areas, whether business or personal. Charisma is normally heightened with the #4 and it can help with negotiations and gaining support at work. Just make sure you don’t take part in an office romance or find yourself infatuated with a co-worker or boss who doesn’t return your feelings. This could cause tension and might affect a chance for a promotion or added responsibilities. Love and work do not mix well at this time. Let your head rule rather than your heart and it helps every area of your life for now.

The #4 brings scholastic luck for students and they can find help with studies and exams, especially if they invite the Goddess of Knowledge Saraswati into their lives. This can be enhanced by placing the 13-Level Feng Shui Wisdom Pagoda near a study area. It helps with knowledge and also the discipline to do your best. A mentor may even appear to give you wise advice. In love, Boars are wise to go slowly and not rush into a relationship. The thought of falling head over heels may seem exciting but your judgement may be clouded and the relationship could turn out to be unfortunate. You are advised to wear a Golden Strawberry Quartz Lepidocrocite Leaf Crystal Pendant and displaying a Pair of Vibrant Mandarin Ducks in your bedroom.



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