Red Tara Home Protection Gau Amulet

Red Tara Home Protection Gau Amulet
Red Tara Home Protection Gau Amulet Red Tara Home Protection Gau Amulet Red Tara Home Protection Gau Amulet
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Dim: 2x1x2.375 in (5x2.5x6 cm)
Material: Metal

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This beautiful Red Tara home amulet has been made in the traditional Gau prayer box shape and features the  implements of Kurukulle and powerful mantras. Inviting this amulet into your home will give a boost to your attractiveness and love life, and strengthen your friendships with others.

The Red Tara is said to be the most important of the three female emanations of the Amitabha Buddha. This is the first Tara of the 21 Taras who grants empowerment that bring you authority and helps you gain the respect of others and good networking.

Red Tara is also the Goddess of Power and Fame who helps increases authoritativeness and confidence. Those who need to influence and control people around you with the power of speech such as CEOs, managers, supervisors, leaders or politicians will find the Red Tara useful. She helps transform your aura, making you more likable, charismatic and charming, thus increasing your popularity in social circle and boost the quality of friendships in your life. Red Tara helps you rise above all obstacles without fear or defeat.

Displaying the Red Tara Gau in your home enhances your living space, nurturing the development of unshakeable bonds between family members as well as with your relationships with friends and colleagues.

Bring it along when you travel to ensure you always get along well with new people you meet and have an advantage in business meetings.

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