Bejewelled Action Vase (Red)

Bejewelled Action Vase (Red)
Bejewelled Action Vase (Red) Bejewelled Action Vase (Red) Bejewelled Action Vase (Red)
SKU: SKU4853
Weight : 1,450.00g ( 3.20 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 3.5x6.125 in (Dia. 9x15.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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Vases have always been an auspicious symbol that signifies a state of riches. Display this beautiful bespoke vase in bright red color in your home to welcome achievement luck. The auspicious color Red which represents fire is an element that strengthens wealth luck in 2019 so displaying it in your home is said to attract prosperity. This is especially auspicious in the year 2019 as recommended by Feng Shui Grandmaster Lillian Too. Decorated with the image of peacocks, these gorgeous birds are said to bring vitality and determination into all your endeavors.

Peacocks have been revered around the world for centuries by different cultures and religions. It possesses some of the most admired characteristics such as beauty, love, goodwill, nurturing, integrity, and incorruptibility. In history, legends, lores and myths, the Peacock symbolizes glory, nobility, royalty, spirituality, wisdom, awakening and watchfulness. Additionally, the Peacock also represents renewal, resurrection, and immortality. It's associated with Hera from Greco-Roman mythology, Kwan Yin in Buddhism and Lakshmi in Hinduism and many other.

Display this Red Action Vase proudly anywhere in your living room or main hall of your home or office.


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