Dragon Incense Burner with Green Crystal Ball

Dragon Incense Burner with Green Crystal Ball
Dragon Incense Burner with Green Crystal Ball Dragon Incense Burner with Green Crystal Ball
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Weight : 800.00g ( 1.76 lbs)
Dim: 4.5x3.75x5 in (11.5x9.5x7.5 cm)
Material: Brass

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The tradition of burning incense sticks is one that has been used for many centuries in countries such as China and India. It is a very good technique of cleaning out the surrounding air, replacing any negative or dead chi with newer, fresher and revitalized energy. Incense burnings purifies and cleanses the environment, and creates a sense of serenity for all those in the surrounding area, as well as providing them with good luck and fortune.

The West or Northwest sectors are of the Metal element, and so burning incense in brass holders here will heighten the cleansing effect. This sector is also the creator of Mentor and Patriarch Luck; incense burning in the West or Northwest will help you to gain support from influential icons, as well as enhance the fortune of the family patriarch.

To bring good fortune and a cleansed environment to your home, use an incense burner which is tied with a red ribbon, as this will serve to further augment the flow of beneficial chi.

Enhance the surrounding chi when you burn your incense in the belly of this good fortune celestial animal - it is as if the dragons are blowing out Seng Chi - the positive and uplifting feng shui energy that is beneficial to your health and fortune! This exquisitely designed all brass Dragon Incense Burner will be smokin' for many years to come!

Comes with five pieces of ingot-shaped incense.

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