Crystal Ball with Hulu on Star of David Hexagram - Clear Quartz

Crystal Ball with Hulu on Star of David Hexagram - Clear Quartz
Crystal Ball with Hulu on Star of David Hexagram - Clear Quartz
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Weight : 185.00g ( 0.41 lbs)
Dim: Base: Dia. 3.25x0.625 in, Ball: Dia. 1 in, Wulou: Dia. 0.625x0.875 in (8.3x1.6cm, 2.5 cm, 1.6x2.2 cm)
Material: Crystal

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The round base, with the Star of David or Hexagram symbol engraved on it, is said to create a constant flow of chi which further magnifies the powers of the crystal Wu Lous and a ball placed on it. The Star of David, also known as Magen David or Shield of David by Jewish, is used in many religions and traditions, some of these being Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Each religion respects this star, and reveres it for its purifying and holy properties. The six points of this symbol reminds us that God is to be found in every dimension and direction, observing and protecting.

There are six Clear Quartz crystal Wulous placed on this base altogether. Six crystal Wu Lou are placed at each tip of the star. In the center, there is space for one large crystal ball. This formation of crystal Wu Lous is said to encourage unity, speed up healing, offers protection, as well as create good fortune for the beholder.

Clear Quartz is one of the most fascinating stone that will protect from many things, one being the bad intentions of those who surround you. It will disperse any negative energy from external influences arousing from jealousy or hatred, and balance it out with positive and harmonious vibes. It will use the negative energy and convert it into energy which can heal, and saves it for future use. Due to this amazing ability of converting negativities to positive energy, clear quartz is often used for energizing other crystals. Crystal collectors should at least have one clear quartz stone with them.

This Feng Shui crystal will heal your mind by balancing your thinking methods and rejuvenating the chi within your being. By equalling out the energies of the spirit, body and mind, you will be able to think clearly and achieve a sense of tranquillity and self-harmony. Both your concentration and memory capabilities will be enhanced, creativity and inspiration increased - an ideal stone for students.

In addition to this, Clear Quartz can safeguard your body from dangerous forms of radiation and static electricity, which can cause physical damages to your organs and blood. This will serve to improve your immune system, keeping you healthy and well.

Wu Lou - this special bottle gourd has been an symbol of longevity, good health, and prosperity for many centuries. The Wu Lou, also known as the Hu Lu or calabash is an important tool used in enhancing the effects of Feng Shui. The shape itself of the Wu Lou plays an important role in its image; it is a depiction of heaven and earth unified. The top half of the gourd symbolizes heaven, and the bottom half is earth. The use of the gourd by humans indicates the harmony between earth, heaven and humanity.

The Wu Lou or HuLu is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi, for the reason that Taoist monks use the gourd to incarcerate evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, monks and deities of the Taoist belief made use of the gourd, trapping evil presences inside to prevent them from causing misdemeanour. This is where the Wu Lou got the ideology of being able to absorb negative chi in your surrounding.

Here are some Feng Shui tips on the placement of this Feng Shui enhancer:

1) To enhance educational luck, display the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball in the Northeast corner (Feng Shui Bagua formula) of the student’s bedroom.

2) Positioning the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball in the Earth sector (Center) of the main family room is said to serve to improve harmony and bonds between family members.

3) To hone your study skills and create improved memory and attentiveness, placing the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball on your work or study desk is said to help.

4) According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector is the sector of Mentor Luck; it is for this reason that displaying Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball in this corner is believed to create monetary gain and support from influential icon in your work life. This works because the Earth energy of crystal produces Metal energy, the base element of Northwest sector. Mentor Luck, Nobleman Luck or "Gui Ren" luck is the kind of luck that will bring you a good samaritan or someone kind and helpful who will give you a lending hand or a life-changing push during times of distress, trouble and difficulty; not necessarily in the form of money but also opportunities, wise advice, support, encouragement or simply be there to listen.

5) The lucky Mountain Star 8 is a great enhancer of networking luck; placing the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball in this site of your home will create for you a greater sense of popularity, as well as improve your current relationships.

6) To increase luck in the areas of love and romance, family harmony, as well as the wellbeing of the family matriarch, display the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball in the Southwest sector (governor of Romance and Love luck, according to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula) of your bedroom or main family room. The Crystal will also have the most effect in the SouthWest sector, because it is of the Earth element.

7) If you are ailed by chronic health problems or face recurring issues with your health, place this feng shui product in the Tien Yi (Health Corner based on Feng Shui Kua) of your bedroom is believed to help.

8) To prevent any diseases or health problems, placing the Star of David Crystal Wu Lou and Ball next to your bed is believed to work.

9) If someone you know is facing illness or disease, provide them with this healing product to place next to their bed. This is said to give them strength to recover from illness of a serious nature.

10) Present crystal Wu Lou to elders as a birthday present; this is likened to offering  them a long and healthy life.

11) To prevent bad chi which will harm your career, place this feng shui symbol on your desk at the office or wherever you perform your work.

12) To promote good health and prosperity, while at the same time eliminating bad chi, placing as many Wu Lous as you can afford around your property is said to help.

13) To maximize better health for your whole family, placing a Wu Lou in the East sector of your living or family room is said to be ideal. This is due to the fact that the East sector is known by the Feng Shui Bagua formula as the “universal health luck corner”

14) If you often face difficulties with bad luck, keep a Wu Lou in a place where you spend a majority of your time. This good luck symbol will serve to bring you better fortune.

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